Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Assists Comparison Season By Season

Ike MontalboCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2010

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Assists Comparison Season By Season

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    Here we are again. After 15 seasons in the NBA Jordan retired at age 40. Of course, there were a couple retirements and comebacks in-between. 

    Kobe Bryant is in his 15th season and so it is the perfect time to compare all aspects of their game as defined by numbers.

    Jordan was always a better passer than people thought and so is Kobe. 

    In the first story we compared MJ and KB when it comes to fg%, and Jordan easily won. In the second story we compared the two players defensive output, and Jordan won at an even higher rate.

    What about passing?

    These guys can score, but do they make their teammates better? Of course they do. Their presence alone makes the team better, but this will show how one player is considered the GOAT while another is the #9 greatest all-time. The differences over a career are what make one #1 and one #9.

Rookie Year

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    Jordan came out averaging 28.2 points and 6.5 rebounds and 2.4 steals per game, but he also dished it 5.9 times a game as a rookie. Instead of ROY he could have been MVP, in his first season!

    KB averaged 1.3 assists in limited time in his rookie year. It sucks to be compared to MJ as a rookie, doesn't it?

    Advantage: MJ

Season #2

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    Jordan broke his leg and only played 18 games and 25.1 minutes and he dished off 2.9 assists per in those games.

    Kobe played 26.0 minutes and passed off 2.5 assists per game. Since KB played 79 games and Mj played 18 we give the advantage to:

    Advantage: KB

Season #3

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    Jordan averaged an outlandish 37.1 points, 5.2 reb, 2.9 stl and 1.5 blk! He also somehow added 4.6 assists to teammates who barely existed.

    Kobe averaged 3.8 assists in 38 minutes a night, and 19.9 points,

    Advantage: MJ

Season #4

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    Jordan was NBA MVP with 35.0 points and a defensive payer of the year award. He also amazingly added 5.9 assists per game. He kept the team afloat, almost alone.

    Kobe had Shaq to pass to and he dished out 4.9 assists to go with 22.5 points. 

    Advantage: MJ

Season #5

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    Jordan almost averaged a triple double this season including 32.5 pts, 8 rebounds and an amazing 8 assists per game. He had one stretch in the season with 11 straight games with over 10 assists. He also averaged over 30 points in those games. He played PG alot this season.

    Kobe averaged 5.0 assists and many of those went to Finals MVP Shaq.

    Advantage: MJ

Season #6

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    Adding 6.9 assists per game to 33.6 points on 53% fg shooting is amazing. We have seen no such thing since then. MJ #1

    KB dished off 5.5 assists per and also 25.2 points on 47% shooting. Close? Not really.

    Advantage: MJ

Season #7

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    In MJ's first title season he passed it off for 5.5 assists. He added 31.5 pts on 54% shooting. He actually had teammates by 1991.

    KB and the Lakers did not make the finals but KB did pass off for 5.9 assists and 30.0 pts on 45% shooting.

    Advantage: Tie 

Season #8

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    Jordan schooled the league and didn't even have to try too hard this time. He averaged 6.1 assists and 30.1 points.

    KB scored 24.0 ppg and 5.1 assists on a star laden team, and then the Lakers lost in the Finals. MJ never lost in the Finals.

    Advantage: MJ

Season #9

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    Finals MVP threepeat. MJ averaged 32.6 pts and 5.5 assists per game.

    KB did not have Shaq or make the playoffs but he did average 27.6 points and a career high 6.0 assists. 

    Advantage: Tie

Season #10

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    Jordan was gone for almost two years and then he came back for 17 games and averaged 5.3 assists, leading Chic. to a 13-4 record to finish the season. 

    Kobe scored a career high points and passed off for 4.5 assists. Since MJ played only 17 games, we go with...

    Advantage: KB

Season #11

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    Mj was 33 and NBA MVP and leading scorer, and he added 4.3 assists per game too. This squad went 72-10.

    KB averaged 5.4 assists in the season the Lakers lost in the first round.

    Advantage: KB

Season #12

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    Jordan led the league in scoring and played a true SG role. He added 4.3 assist per game at age 34.They repeated as champs after going 69-13.

    KB had Gasol to pass to and the team lost to the Celtics in the finals. KB averaged 5.4 assists per game.

    Advantage: KB

Season #13

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    MJ got his 5th NBA MVP and 6th Finals MVP but he averaged only 3.5 assists per game at age 35.

    KB won a title without Shaq. Thanks Gasol! KB passed off for 4.9 assists per game. 

    Advantage: KB

Season #14

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    Jordan was out for four years and then here at age 39 he averaged 22.9 points and 5.2 assists per game!

    KB and the Lake Show added another ring to LA's history. KB led the way with 5.0 assists per game.

    Advantage: MJ

Season #15

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    In his final season at age 40 MJ put in his lowest 20.0 ppg. Nice. He added 3.8 assists for the crappy Wizards.

    KB is now averaging 4.5 assists.

    Since MJ was 40 and KB is only 32- I gotta go with...

    Advantage: MJ


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    For his career Jordan played in 1072 games and totaled 5,633 assists for a per game average of 5.3 assists!

    Kobe has played in 1,047 games so far and dished it for 4,888 assists for a career average of 4.7 per game.

    KB had better teammates in his career and better scorers but averaged less assists.

    Jordan was a better shooter, defender and passer. Read my last three stories or just look it up for yourself What s next? Rebounding? Yep, that's my next story!!!

    Kb #9 greatest ever - MJ #1 ever - these are three stories straight why that is so obvious.

    I (used to) LOVE THIS GAME!