The 20 Funniest National Anthem Fails

Todd Boldizsar@@toddboldizsarAnalyst IDecember 16, 2010

The 20 Funniest National Anthem Fails

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    How would you react when handed a microphone in front of thousands of people? It seems so easy to sing a song you memorized in kindergarten. 

    However, these people know how to get stage fright, and we know how to laugh at them when their knees buckle, voice cracks or mind skips a few words.

    These are The 25 Funniest National Anthem Fails.

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Dishonorable Mention: God Bless America Gets Butchered

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    Erika David may still have a budding career ahead of her, but this screw up at Dodger Stadium will not be easily forgotten!

Dishonorable Mention 2: Jennifer Hudson Drops GBA, Then a Lot of Weight

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    Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson flubs this version of "God Bless America," missing several notes. She would later drop a ton of weight, and she's looking good these days!

20. High Basketball Court Needs New Mics

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    Apparently the microphones at this school are a little out of date. Listen, as the "Star-Bangled Banner" comes in bits and pieces. The crowd soon realizes it and joins in.

19. Canadians Fail Too!

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    This guy is reading the lyrics off an iPhone and still manages to screw it up!

18. Another Take Mr. Spielberg?

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    This one sounds like an Anthem remix. She has to stop and start three or four times but she brings it home brilliantly! Snoop Dogg, take notice!

17. Lou Ferrigno Takes on a Challenging New Role

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    Taking a page out of Robert Downey Jr.'s page in Tropic Thunder, Lou Ferrigno temporarily stained his skin black and decided to try out the "Star-Spangled Banner." Not really, but this guy sounds like it.

16. Speaking of Robert Downey Jr...

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    Here is his version of the national anthem. This one may be staged, but count it! He messed up after the first couple lines.

15. Not...Sure....What's Happening...

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    It's a miracle these soldiers were able to stay still and expressionless. What training! What stamina! What restraint! What in the world were they trying to play!?

14. I Wanna Go Fast! So I'll Skip a Few Words

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    Check out Jesse McCartney's attempt at the national anthem, before thousands of fans get to his head at the NASCAR Pepsi 500. 

    Did the fans notice? Debatable, but you can notice the crowd stayed completely silent.

    Ricky Bobby would be proud!

13. Michael Bolton, We Love All Your Songs, Except This Anthem Attempt

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    The unsung hero of Office Space, Michael Bolton momentarily forgets the words, but happens to have them written on his hand. 

    Can you imagine what he was thinking, "Man! I sound great! This is going perfectly! Wa...wait, what's the next line? Maybe if I look at my hand, no one will notice. Shoot, I forgot to keep singing!" Hahaha, classic!

12. Take That South Africa! Tag! You're It!

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    Take a seat United States, this time it's South Africa's turn to take some abuse. Here is a pathetic attempt at South Africa's national anthem at a rugby match. 

11. Eli Young Band Becomes Newest Victim

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    The best part of this video is the comments from the fans. "They'll have to tell the planes to back up." "He's a little hung over." Great stuff!

10. Maurice Cheeks wIth the Assist!

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    When this video starts, you can just tell she's going to choke. Her voice is cracking, the words are coming slowly and out of tune. Then it happens....but Portland Trailblazers then-coach Maurice Cheeks saves the day! Sort of...

9. Just...Can't Get....the Words....Out

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    Chugga chugga chugga chugga!

    Gotta get up that hill! You can do it! I give you permission to take a nap, and come back later. She'll still be singing, don't worry. 

    This one went down at something called the "Foothill Band Review 2009." Actually, on second thought, it could be a boy with long hair, tough to tell.

8. What Is He Singing?

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    This is apparently a former American Idol applicant singing, God knows what, at a Boston Celtics game.

7. Thank You For Your Service, But Not So Much For Your Song

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    Not even close!

    How many times has this guy heard the anthem!? He's a police officer for crying out loud.

    He has to have heard it at least 100 more times than the common man. Maybe he was daydreaming in la-la land while people were belting out the words......Donuts.....Donuts.....Douuuuggggghhhh Nuts...

6. Anthem Gets Body Slammed

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    I wouldn't want to be holding the microphone with this shirtless guy staring at me.

    If you keep your eyes on the blond on the left, maybe you can go to your happy place long enough to skip this whole anthem. It's dreadful!

5. Cuba Gooding Sr Is a Trifecta of Anthem Fail!

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    Fast then slow, high then low, sing us another one? Oh God, please no!

4. Roseanne Barr Sings 16 Bars Too Many

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    You can thank me now. I will spare you the majority of this one, and let you suffer through the first 30 seconds of the video. After that, I have NO idea what's on this video. 

    Roseanne's voice was annoying on "Roseanne," but at least she wasn't singing. Click play only if you dare!

3. Yikes!

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    Umm. I'm going to have to stop this countdown, my computer screen just cracked under the pressure of this horrible anthem! Poor kid. Those cheers are not because they are enjoying it, but that you are almost finished.

    I was just kidding about having to stop though...I've got more.

2. Carl Lewis Cracking Voice and Empty Promises

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    Frederick Carlton "Carl" Lewis is a former American track and field athlete who won 10 Olympic medals—including 9 gold and 10 World Championships medals, of which 8 were gold.

    That's what makes hard to watch. Great sprinter, excellent athlete, horrible singer! He hits sub-sonic levels in this one. 

    Plus, he breaks promises. He said he would "make up for it," but it only got worse.

1. Double Fail, Wait, Make That Triple Fail

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    Who could forget this one? She forgets the words, regroups while fans are cheering for her and laughing at her.

    Then she starts again, only to forget the words a second time. Finally, when convinced to get back on the ice and finish, she hits the ice flat on her forgetful backside. Gotta love it!

    Oh say, can't you sing?