The Top Ten Most Embarrassing Sports Injuries: A Tribute To Carlos Quentin

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Injuries are part of all sports. Very few players in every kind of sport make it their entire careers without getting hurt in one way or another, but what about the injures that are the case of showboating or anger? These are the ten dumbest injuries that should never have happened:

10. Sammy Sosa

Ordinarily, one might think this would be impossible to do but just ask Sosa how it feels. A while back when Sosa still played the Cubs had a game at PETCO Park. To everyone else it seemed like a regular game but to Sammy it spelled disaster.

Soon after Sosa walked into the clubhouse he did a simple task. He sneezed two times. What makes these sneezes unique is that Sammy INJURED HIS BACK while doing so. Soon everybody was talking about how it was his fault for sneezing. I dont blame them. Who can't control when they sneeze?

9. Adam Eaton 

Obviously Adam's mom never told him not to play with knives. Ok so he wasn't playing but still. Adam had bought a DVD and couldn't get the plastic cover off so naturally he got a knife to cut it open.

Somehow the knife slipped and Adam ended up stabbing himself in the stomach. Quickly he went to the hospital and got stitches. Im guessing whoever put the plastic on the DVD was an Angel fan.

8. Paulo Diogo—Servette FC

There is a reason most men don't wear there wedding rings at work. I'm pretty sure Paulo doesn't any more. In celebration for an assisted goal, Diogo climbed a fence and as he was about to jump down his ring got stuck and he left it and most of his finger on the fence. So if you ever need a reason to tell your wife why you don't wear your ring, use this story.

7. Marty Cordova

The Cardinal rule for baseball is to never make the first or last out at third. The cardinal rule for tanning is never fall asleep. Marty I guess never heard of that rule as the '95 AL Rookie Of The Year for Baltimore went out to tan, proceeded to fall asleep, and awoke looking like an Oompa Loompa. Good thing he is good at baseball.

6. Carlos Quentin

Most of you reading this have probably already heard that the AL leader in home runs has a fractured wrist and is probably out for the rest of the season. What you might not know is how he fractured it.

In a rush of anger at the plate for missing a pitch Carlos punched his hand that was still on the bat and fractured his wrist in the process. Anger management would be a better way to rid of anger, not fracturing your wrist when you're leading your league in home runs.

5. Derrick Mason

Staying on the subject of broken wrists, the WR of the Ravens thought he was helping out for a good cause but ended up hurting his own. In a charity golf event, the wideout took an awkward swing and broke his wrist. The only funny thing about this story was he tried to get a mulligan out of it but was denied.

Talk about dedication, but Mason should stick to the sport he knows.

4. Bill Gramatica

If you think about weird injuries most people would think of jumping in celebration and falling awkwardly. That's just what happened for the kicker for the Miami Dolphins. After making a field goal the kicker jumped up in celebration, but as he landed he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his non-kicking knee.

3. Jack Del Rio

I put this one on Jack Del Rio because basically it was his fault. After wanting his players to keep on keeping on so to speak, Jack put a block of wood and an axe in the locker room and required his players to take a hack everyday after practice.

Punter Chris Hansen finished his work out early and went to take his hack. He missed and made a deep cut in his leg. Immediately Chris was rushed to the hospital. Good job coach.

2. Kevin Johnson

Normally after making a game winning shot your teammates may give you a high five or put you on their shoulder. Not Charles Barkley, he takes the "hurt you" approach. After making the game winning basket Johnson was greeted by Barkley who wrapped him up and squeezed very hard and dislocated his shoulder. I guess some people don't know their own strength.

1. Gus Frerotte

Most people reading this have probably guessed by now that this bonehead (literally) move was going to end up atop the list. In 1997, in one of the few games he played (now we know why), Gus scored a go ahead touchdown against the Redskins. To celebrate, he ran to the wall that he though was padded, well actually it was padded—with concrete—and head butted it. He felt dizzy and was rushed to the nearest hospital to treat his head injury.

So some injuries just happen and some athletes make them happen. These guys made them happen in the most idiotic ways—and I guarantee they want them back.