The 10 Best Sports Gifts I Ever Received For Christmas

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The 10 Best Sports Gifts I Ever Received For Christmas
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Santa Claus is coming to town

With Christmas morning (sorry if that offends anyone) rapidly approaching I remember what it was like to anticipate if I was going to get the things I had asked for from Santa. Being the sports fanatic I have turned out to be, sports related toys were all I ever asked for.

I know that this article doesn't make reference to a game that was played or being played or players or a player in those games but it's how I grew to love sports and my way of remembering how Christmas was made so special for me.

Without fail every year mom (God rest her soul) and Dad came through like champions. I'm forty so there was no internet ordering to make the shopping season easier.

Dad worked countless hours while mom did the shopping the good old fashioned way. Dealing with angry sales associates and endless lines along with store hours that didn't get extended till midnight.

I asked for everything and anything and I wasn't the only child in the house. Every Christmas morning was filled with joy because without fail, everything I wanted was there, wrapped neatly and proudly.

In honor of my late mother, she passed tragically and suddenly six years ago, here are the ten greatest sports gifts I received as a kid. She always made Christmas very special as a kid and an adult and without her, Christmas is not the same, nothing is. I miss you mom.

One more thing, thank you Dad, because without your tireless effort working 18 hour days at the meat plant none of these great presents would have been there for my enjoyment. Thank you for also playing all of them with me and introducing me to sports, you have no idea how much it all meant to me.

Hopefully some of these presents on this list you received growing up. I hope if you did it will bring back fond memories of a time before 100 million dollar contracts and the egos. A time in sports when you picked a team and had a hero on that team.

Don't get me wrong I love today's sports. I just don't love the players that play them anymore. There are a few that remind me of Unitas or the Brooks Robinson's of the world, but not many.

So enjoy my list and leave some comments about the sports toys and sports games that made your Christmas's special. This list is in no particular order.

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