Houston Texans and the End of Gary Kubiak? It's Not As Easy As You May Think

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

Coach Gary Kubiak after another dissapointing loss.
Coach Gary Kubiak after another dissapointing loss.Bob Levey/Getty Images

For many weeks now, fans of the Houston Texans have been crying for Coach Gary Kubiak's head (or maybe just his job).

Either way, with the Texans pitiful 5-8 record, who can blame them? Coach Kubiak has taken this team from terrible to just bad, but he hasn't even come close to great.

His overall 36-41 record places him in the lower half of winning vs. losing records for NFL coaches.

Yet, here he is in 2010 with a two-year contract extension.

That contract, combined with the possible 2011 season lockout are the main reasons why he will not go anywhere anytime soon. To get rid of Coach Kubiak would normally entail getting rid of his coaching staff as well.

So, Bob McNair, the oft mocked and ridiculed owner of the Houston Texans, has his hands tied behind his back. No owner, besides those with money to spare, is going to fire a head coach and his entire staff while paying off two years of their contracts.

Besides, Mr. McNair's love affair with GM Rick Smith and HC Gary Kubiak has kept both of them around for longer than necessary.

So, Houston Texans fans: Cry, scream and kick as much as you like but Gary Kubiak will not be leaving Houston anytime soon.

Rumors of him going to Denver and Bill Cowher taking over are just that, rumors.

Until owner Bob McNair can step up and "take one for the team," the Houston Texans will continue to be a sub-par football team in the greatest football state.