Rutgers Football: Eric LeGrand Regains Feeling in His Hands

John HeinisSenior Analyst IDecember 15, 2010

Last time I wrote about Eric LeGrand’s recovery, the situation had taken a sudden and  positive spin. 

News continues to be uplifting for the young Scarlet Knight player.  On the December 14th NBC 11 o’clock news, a report broke that LeGrand has now regained some feeling in his hands.

LeGrand, who has refused to give up since the onset of his paralysis, is now not only confident he will walk again, but now even “thinks he will play football again.”

Jack Nevins, LeGrand’s Pop Warner football coach, is the one who broke this news to NBC New York.

According to Nevins, LeGrand is making progress faster than Adam Taliaferro, the Penn State player who was paralyzed on the field during the 2000 season. 

Taliaferro walked eight months after suffering his injury.

Nevins has visited LeGrand in the hospital twice a week ever since he was admitted, and has taken it upon himself to create the Eric LeGrand Patriot Saint Foundation.

The goal of the foundation is to raise funds to help with the costs of enlarging the LeGrand families home, which will help aid Eric’s rehabilitation, and also to help with the mortgage in case insurance does not cover all of Eric’s medical expenses.

The foundation already has a base of 15 volunteer members and the door is open for anyone to get involved. 

The Eric LeGrand Patriot Saint Foundation began fundraising on the evening of December 14th at a local Woodbridge bar, Rug’s and Riffy’s.  For those not familiar, Woodbridge is LeGrand’s hometown.

Nevins and company sold t-shirts and sweats to the public, while the bar was generous enough to donate a percentage of their evening’s earnings to the cause.

Tentative upcoming events include a motorcycle rally and a statewide flag football tournament, with the hope that the championship game can be held at Rutgers Stadium. 

Regardless, if these two events pan out or not, the foundation plans on holding an event weekly to raise funds. 

It is probably little coincidence that Nevins’ son John was a high school teammate of LeGrand at Colonia High School. 

John remarked that, “"Everyday that we went to practice, he was excited, he wanted to be there,” in regards to his old teammate Eric. 

In another positive note, it has mostly gone under the radar that LeGrand is a nominee for the 2010 Discover Orange Bowl Courage Award. 

The winner of the award will be announced during before the end of December, and the award will be given in conjunction with January 3rd’s Discover Orange Bowl. 

This is certainly tremendous news for not just the LeGrand family, but really for the whole Rutgers community, who have been rooting for this young player every step of the way.