TNA Knockouts: The Re-Emergence of Women's Wrestling

Jordan DouglassContributor IJanuary 26, 2011

For several years now, we've seen them boys in Stamford try to insult our intelligence with their "Divas."

It seems like Vince McMahon's company believes that all most fans care about is the "T&A" in the women's division and not storytelling in the ring. Gone are the days of strong female competitors such as Chyna, Sable, Luna Vachon, Ivory, Lita and Trish Stratus... until now.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has finally done something that the WWE has pretty much left for dead, showcase it's talented Knockout roster.

With it's wide array of beautiful and talented Knockouts, TNA proves that women can truly be strong, talented and sexy. The action that they showcase each week on Impact is about on-par with the males on the roster and just as exciting in some cases. Plus TNA gives their women's competitors actual storylines, not just being arm candy for a guest host or a typical romance angle.

A prime example of TNA showing the world what their women have has been the Tara/Mickie James storyline and their Steel Cage main event on Impact. First off, the WWE messed up big time by letting both of these competitors leave their doors in favor of say "LayCool." Neither Michelle McCool or Layla could've done half of the bumps, spots or moves these ladies achieved in that Impact match.

The match was put together so well and had so much intensity that it was almost uncomfortable to watch at points. It wasn't just the bumps but also their moves were crisp, their action was edge of the seat exciting and more importantly, the primary focus wasn't on their outer beauty but the way they told their story in the ring. These two women put it all on the line in their match up and left to a standing ovation from the Impact crowd. The last time we saw something remotely close to this was when Lita and Trish tore the house down on RAW in their Women's Title Main Event. Something we will never see from the WWE again.

It's not just Mickie James and Tara, though, who add to this division. Each women's competitor has her own story. With Sarita playing the bully role, Madison being the "Queen Bee," Velvet Sky playing the underdog and even Daffney with her zombie hot character, each woman has dimension added to them which brings more credibility to the division and the title. They don't just go out there, shake their ass, do a couple hip-tosses, and then the match is over. You can tell that with each match they're put in, there's a story in place.

I applaud TNA for at least attempting to bring some credibility back to a long forgotten division as it is way overdue. They are proving that women deserve a spot in the squared circle and for more than just visual stimulation. These Knockouts put in work every night and it shows with each match they participate.

The WWE needs to go back to this style instead of what they are currently doing. I thought with the Women's NXT season that they would at least try to achieve this, but I was dead wrong. By the end of the season, it was the same old song and dance as Kaitlynn, who is stunningly beautiful but not as gifted in the ring, won over the incredibly talented Naomi Knight, who had the fans behind her the whole season. We later found out that Kaitlyn was McMahon's favorite simply on looks alone.

It's this mentality that makes people scratch their heads as to why WWE even has a women's division in the first place. Outside of Beth Phoenix, Natalya Neidhart, Milena and Gail Kim (who they rarely showcase), the E doesn't have the talent to make that division credible. I mean did anyone take LayCool, Eve Torres or Alicia Fox seriously as champions? Not even remotely. The Divas Division is going the way of the old Cruiserweight Division and is doomed to be defunct if they don't make some changes soon.

Now, it seems as if the E has taken some notice as they've signed former TNA Knockout, Kia "Amazing Kong" Stevens. She will, no doubt, add a bit of credibility to the division as she's not your normal Diva and has the skills to get some heat back to that division. But do we really expect McMahon to even try to keep that division credible after the signing? Right now, signs point to a definite no.

The WWE needs to take a look at TNA and watch their Knockouts matches. This is what true wrestling fans want to see. Sure, the fact that they are beautiful does help, but it's not all we look for. We watch wrestling for the action and the art of storytelling. If we wanted to see half naked women shaking their asses for five minutes then leaving, we'd all just go to our local strip club. But in the end, Vince is going to do what he wants which will hurt him in the end. I'm not saying that the Knockout division will save TNA, as there are various other areas they need to work on, but with the division being as strong as it already is, it could only help the No. 2 company in America.