Athena Batista, "The Animal" Batista's Daughter, in Sex-Tape Scandal

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIDecember 14, 2010

Batista - Copyright: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Batista - Copyright: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Considered one of the biggest stars in sports entertainment over the past decade, capturing multiple World Heavyweight and WWE Championship titles, “The Animal” Batista left World Wrestling Entertainment following a major feud with John Cena—which involved a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania XXVII.

When Batista left professional wrestling earlier this year, he felt it opened up a lot of avenues with numerous offers to join the Mixed Martial Arts world, join Strikeforce—with the potential for big-money fights—or an acting career, as well.

However, it appears as if the window of opportunity might begin to shrink, and could even impact a possible return to “The Worldwide Leader In Sports Entertainment,” with recent news that is sure to make any father lose his cool.

In an exclusive, explicit video from World Star Hip Hop, “The Animal’s” daughter, Athena Batista, is featured in a short sex video. The footage shows her involved in oral sexual conduct, as well as intercourse, with a male.

According to the official description of the video, the tape was allegedly shot at a hotel room in Miami, Florida, and the male involved is apparently her boyfriend, Justin Miller. The description also notes that the 18-year-old is also planning to drop more videos through other outlets.

This is sure to definitely scare off potential sponsors for Batista, and with the recent strict policy put in place in regards to the PG era in World Wrestling Entertainment, “The Animal” might not have the number of options he once believed if this continues to go full circle with his daughter.


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