WWE TLC: 10 Matches We'd Love to See at Sunday's PPV

Leva LiesCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

WWE TLC: 10 Matches We'd Love to See at Sunday's PPV

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    Just a few days away is WWE's final Pay-Per-View of the year, TLC. So far, the match card is looking fairly impressive.

    The matches announced are Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in a Chairs match; Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. LayCool in a Tables match; Sheamus vs. John Morrison in a Ladders match; John Cena vs. Wade Barrett in a Tables match; Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder match for the WWE Championship; Randy Orton vs. The Miz in a Tables match for the WWE Championship and Kane vs. Edge in a TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship. 

    For once, the majority of these matches have been built up for some time and are all worth watching, even (if not, especially) the Divas match.

    Now it's time to get into the TLC spirit Bleachers!

    Here are the 10 matches we'd love to see at Sunday's PPV. I will only be using Superstars currently on the roster, and all matches are simply dream matches that could take place under TLC stipulations with a few being more likely/realistic.

LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a Tables Match

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    This is an announced match on the card and has the potential to be amazing.

    It features two of the best female wrestlers in Beth and Natalya, and two of the most improved, Layla and Michelle McCool. All four women know their way around a wrestling ring, and I can honestly say I am looking forward to watching this match take place.

    All year, LayCool have wreaked havoc over the entire Divas Division, inside and outside of the ring. They've been "Co-Women's Champions" and the "Co-Unified Divas Champions" as well as defeating some of the best, such as Melina and Mickie James. 

    LayCool have also been known to get extremely personal at times, i.e "Piggy James" and taunting countless other Divas, face or heel, with their Flawless ways.

    This Sunday, LayCool will be put to the ultimate test when they go up against the team of Diva powerhouses Natalya and Beth Phoenix in the WWE's first ever Diva Tag Team Tables match. Just by looking at it, you can tell this match has all the potential to be the Diva match of the year and for once, gives us a reason not to go to the bathroom during a bout between the ladies of the WWE.

    I've got a strong feeling Nattie and Beth will be the ones to walk out victorious, and what better way to say "Merry Christmas" to Layla and Michelle McCool than by slamming one of them (preferably Michelle) through a "Flawless" wooden table?! 

    And hey, if it turns out better than the cage match between Mickie James and Tara (both former WWE Divas) on Impact recently, the women of the WWE could possibly begin to be taken seriously again!

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio in a TLC Match

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    This is the match that SHOULD be taking place this Sunday, but is being prevented by Rey’s injuries.

    The Mysterio/Del Rio feud has been brewing for months now, with it all beginning when Del Rio “injured” Rey in his first couple of weeks on Smackdown.

    Mysterio is one of, if not THE best high-flyer in the WWE right now and he moves so quick, if you blink, you miss him. He has a great move-set and for a guy as small as he is, has a gift when it comes to commanding the ring. Likewise, Del Rio is a natural inside the squared circle and has a great aggressive feel.

    If this Sunday is to be their final match, something as hardcore and aggressive as a TLC match would be the absolute best thing for it. The chairs are set up perfectly for Del Rio to attempt an armbar with its aid, 619’s into tables, splashes off of ladders—it just goes on and on.

Daniel Bryan vs Kaval vs CM Punk vs Evan Bourne In a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match

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    What do you get when you take four former ROH turned WWE stars with oodles of talent and the ability to churn out excellent high-flying spots and put them in a ring full of ladders?

    One hell of a Pay-Per-View bout, that's what!

    Bourne and Kaval's agility and the excellent technical wrestling skills of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk could make for some insane spots as well as some great “vintage” wrestling.

    These men are four of the WWE’s best competitors and if put in a match together, especially a Ladder match, incredible things could happen.

    In addition to this, it would be a great chance for Bourne and Kaval to truly show everyone what they are made of and even get both of them the pushes they are due.

John Morrison vs. The Miz in a TLC Match

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    If JoMo wins this Sunday and The Miz retains, the possibility of this match actually taking place in the near future increases by plenty. Morrison and The Miz formed one of the best tag teams of the past few years, but had no real rivalry after disbanding.

    This rivalry has been brewing for a long time, and many would love to see the two go head-to-head in a match where Morrison could excel, seeing as he’d be surrounded by ladders and high-flying, which is what he does best.

    These two men are arguably two of the main Superstars in the WWE who have the most to prove, and an exciting TLC match between them could do just that.

    Hey, maybe then the IWC would stop whining and complaining about JoMo's "non-existent push" and The Miz's "lack of talent."

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre in a Triple Threat Tables match

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    Barrett, Sheamus and McIntyre have a good bit of history from before the three were even signed to the WWE. As wrestlers hailing from the United Kingdom, the three used to wrestle and travel around together.

    They share a similar brawling style, which makes them aggressive enough to throw each other through wooden tables as if they’re nothing. It would be interesting to see them all in the ring together, given their history and fighting styles.

    The three are known for beating people up, so why not throw in some tables and make this even more fun?!

    Plus, a feud based on an Englishman vs. a Scot vs. an Irishman could be very interesting to witness, especially given the mic skills of all three men.

Gail Kim vs. AJ Lee in a Ladder match

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    Gail Kim is a seasoned veteran and AJ Lee is relatively new, with only a few years of experience. With that being said, AJ has proved to be a joy to watch in the ring during her time on FCW and NXT.

    Both women are agile high-flyers who are capable of putting on a solid match and pushing the boundaries of Diva wrestling if given the chance.

    With their abilities put into consideration, a Lee/ Kim Ladder match would be nothing short of a spectacle. With AJ being on her way to the main roster and better than over half of the women there already, I expect to see her mix it up with the terribly under-utilized Kim at some point.

    Since there are so few high-flyers in the Diva division right now to begin with, a match between the pair would be a breath of fresh air in a sea of stale, three minute matches.

David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd in a TLC Match

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    Now that the Hart Dynasty has broken up, we're all left wondering where on earth we go from here. Tyson Kidd appears to be the half of the group receiving the push as he has been given a bodyguard and more face time than his former partner.

    A match between a broken up tag team is an all-time classic. It seems to happen most of the time, so why not between these two?

    Both men are very talented, with Smith being the more grounded powerhouse while Kidd has great speed and agility. If given the platform, they could put on one hell of a match featuring a range of styles and spots.

    The tables and chairs aspect would benefit Smith the most while the ladders could give Kidd his time to shine and the chance to show off some great high-flying moves.

Kofi Kingston vs. Justin Gabriel in a Ladder Match

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    The concept and thought behind this match is fairly simple—two of the WWE’s best high-flyers battling it out in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

    Both men, having great speed and agility, are also good mat wrestlers and strikers, so there are many things that could take place in such a match between them. Also, Kofi is known to get very aggressive when provoked, so what better time to channel your aggression than when surrounded by ladders several feet high?

    Kingston and Gabriel have so many similarities, but their few distinct differences could make a match between them unpredictable and all over the place. It would extremely solid and well put together, just like a decent hardcore match should be.

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk in a TLC Match

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    I’ve mentioned the two men before, but I think a one-on-one TLC match with the two men alone has all the potential in the world to be a five star bout.

    If I was to list my top five dream matches between any of the current crop of WWE Superstars, a Daniel Bryan/CM Punk match, under any stipulation, would be my number one.

    Both men are cited as two of the best in the world when it comes to wrestling and have extremely versatile styles. They could go from jumping off of ladders onto one another to brawling in the middle of the ring with chairs to tossing and slamming each other through tables and it would all be believable.

    A Punk/Bryan feud is just BEGGING to happen, so let it happen!

Edge vs. Christian in a TLC Match

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    For this Sunday's PPV, the chance of this match taking place is impossible. Christian is injured and Edge is going up against Kane for the World Heavyweight Champion, but a girl can dream, right?

    This one is an all-time dream match. Two of the pioneers of the TLC match, Edge and Christian were one of the three tag teams that gave us countless extreme moments involving Tables, Ladders and Chairs. The Con-Chair-To is one of the most recognizable tag team moves out there!

    Back then, Edge & Christian were on the same team for these matches, but what would happen if this was reversed and they were facing each other instead?

    The two men have some amazing chemistry, whether they are on each other's side or not, and to see them face each other one-on-one in a match they basically helped to create would be purely amazing.


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    Well Bleachers, thanks for reading.

    Drop me a comment to praise or criticise this article, or leave your own suggestions. 

    I recommend you tune into TLC this Sunday as the card looks more promising than any WWE PPV card I've seen in months!

    -Leva Lies