Christian: Why the Only Thing Good About Raw Last Night Was His Appearance

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2010

All of us who watched Raw last night saw that Christian came back to give a Slammy Award with Edge. I was ecstatic when Edge started mentioning who his partner should be to present the award. It was great that he came back for a cameo, but that was about the only good thing about it.

 If you did not get to see it, here it is:

If you noticed, Christian was referring to Alberto Del Rio because it was him that put him out of action. Now I can only hope that this doesn't mean what I think it means.

It sounds like when he returns that he will continue this feud with Del Rio. This is horrible on so many levels. For one he is already in a good one with Mysterio that would make an excellent Wrestlemania match. The other was how "cool" he was around Edge.

While Christian vs. Del Rio could be a good rivalry, chances are high that it would just be a job for Christian. Del Rio is too high up on Vince's list to lose against Christian. The only logical thing that could be good for Christian would be to make him win at Wrestlemania.

Why would the WWE let Christian beat a guy that they are in love with?

Del Rio is going to be a force in the WWE, there's no doubt about that. Yes, a Wrestlemania win over Christian in his first one would be a huge step for him. If this does become a Wrestlemania match, Christian winning would only make Del Rio that much stronger.

Think about it. He always says that everyone around him is "lower class" and other degrading stuff. If he were to lose to one of them, he could come back the next day meaner, more violent, and all around a better performer that would make him look just awesome.

The other thing is Edge. If they were to feud they could have at least shown us a little preview of what would come. I get that Christian was hurt and all, so no real fight could have worked, but come on, WWE, would it really be that bad to give us what we want, at least once?

Then again it could also have been a preview of the reunion of Edge and Christian. As Edge said, he needed someone who he had "chemistry" with and they played a E&C moment with a burn on Cole.

So do any of you agree with this? Does A feud with Del Rio make more sense than Edge?