Who's That Goofball? Top 5 Most-Unlikely Fighters

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IFebruary 7, 2017

5. Kenny Florian

Being from the Boston area, there is no one I love more than Kenny Florian. That being said, if he and Roger Huerta were to get into a street fight, and I had never seen Kenny fight, I would have placed bets on Huerta. Kenny defies the odds every night, as he steps out as a 155-pound tough guy, albeit a goofy one.


4. Joe Lauzon

I am tired of the "computer geek that can kick your ass" nonsense that Dana White has planted into everyone's brain, but it's true. Joe had a job as a computer technician for quite some time before hitting it big and knocking out lil' evil. He might be a goofy kid, but he's still the man.


3. Mark Hunt

Now be honest, if you saw this tubby guy come up to fight a top-notch guy like Mirko Cro Cop, you would probably expect him to get pulverized. Wrong. In fact, he is the only guy I have ever seen take a flush, left, high kick and get up. He's a beast, but you'd have never guessed it.



Yes, Fedor. He is, in my opinion, the greatest fighter of all time and has dispatched everyone he has come into contact with, both in MMA and Sambo, but if you saw a pudgy guy that cold probably easily cut to 205, step into the ring against Minotauro, you'd think it would be a laugher.

Not in this case. Fedor may be the greatest of all time, and he's doing it all on a full stomach.


1. Forrest Griffin

Who did you expect? He is just a goofball in general, both in appearance and personality. Look at Forrest and tell me he is not one of the funnier looking guys you have ever seen. He has cauliflower ear up the wazoo, and he was actually named Forrest due to his resemblance to the trees in Lord of the Rings.

I have a feeling he wasn't voted, "most likely to become a mixed martial artist in high school." However, look at him now, standing atop maybe the most competitive division in MMA. Who's laughing now?