10 Things That Will Happen This Weekend: Week Two

Ned DuttonCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Before I get into this week's 10 things, let's take a look at how I did last week.

  • Not all the Top 10 won. (-1)
  • There is still no clear Heisman leader. (+1)
  • College GameDay was really boring. (+1)
  • Corso picked Clemson. (+1)
  • Michigan lost. (+1)
  • The best game of the weekend was UCLA-Tennessee. (-1)
  • Terrelle Pryor somehow did live up to people's expectations. (-1)
  • JoePa tied Bowden. (+1)
  • Armanti Edward's Heisman candidacy is no more. (+1)
  • Duke beat James Madison. (+1)

Overall, not too bad.  I got 7/10 correct, netting me four total points (I'll be keeping track of these through the year).

Now, without further ado, here are 10 Things That Will Happen This Weekend.


1. ESPN will start and finish the day with the two most boring games of the weekend.

Leading off ESPN's coverage will be Ohio University at Ohio State at noon, followed much later by Miami (Fla) at Florida (Fla).  Unfortunately for ESPN, Ohio University is not USC, and we are not playing in the 1990s, so neither game will be interesting for more than 10 minutes.


2. ESPN2 will host two of the most competitive games of the weekend.

With Miami (OH) at Michigan followed by South Florida at UCF, ESPN2 may be the place to be if you like closely fought games.  The quality may not be the best, but Miami (OH) and UCF are two teams definitely capable of making things interesting.  On a related note...


3. Michigan will not cover the spread.

As of right now, Michigan is favored by 14.5 over Miami (OH).  While Michigan convinced me (barely) last week that they could actually put 14 points on the scoreboard, they have a long way to go towards convincing me that they can a) Play good defense, b) Run the ball, c) Win a game of organized football.  If they can do all three, I'll be wrong.  But I doubt it.


4. Duke will not go back-to-back.

Last year, they stunned the Evanston and Durham communities (no one else noticed) by beating Northwestern.  No one really cared, except for playing the "The Big Ten Sucks" card, but now even fewer people will care, because Northwestern will win.


5. The ACC will improve its record to 16-7.

I would explain myself here, but hasn't everyone stopped caring about the ACC?


6. The Big Ten will win all of its games.

This really isn't going out on too thin a branch, because the toughest game of the bunch is Bowling Green-Minnesota...but still, if the Big Ten could actually sweep a week of non-conference games, they could pretend (for a little while) that the rest of the nation isn't still mocking them.


7. San Diego State will be beating Notre Dame at some point during the second, third, or fourth quarter.

I'm not going to say SDSU will win (because I don't think they will), but I think Notre Dame will start slowly enough that it will take a scare from SDSU to get them going.


8. Washington will beat BYU.

It's a home game for Washington, which is a huge plus, and it's a statement game for both teams.  Can BYU crash the BCS?  Can Ty save his job?  Jake Locker will take advantage of USC's bye week and emerge as the main story in the Pac-10 as he leads Washington over BYU this weekend.


9. Lee Corso will pick Florida.

Miss Teen South Carolina could make this call.


10. Tim Tebow will undeservedly emerge as the Heisman front runner.

It's all there: a nationally televised game against a rival he can exploit for huge numbers.  I use the word "undeservedly" because, after two games, no one deserves to be in this conversation.  Tebow may have a good week, but one must remember that players such as Mark Sanchez and Beanie Wells aren't playing this week, and others such as Chase Daniel and Graham Harrell won't be recognized as much for playing lesser-known teams.