India vs. South Africa Cricket: Thoughts Before the First Ball Is Bowled

Linus FernandesAnalyst IIDecember 14, 2010

SehwagPal Pillai/Getty Images

If this is the Final Frontier for India, is the run-up to the series the Final Countdown?

If Tendulkar scores his 50th ton in the first Test, will he be a centurion or a half-centurion at the Centurion?

The continued non-use of the Umpire Referral Decision System (UDRS) by the Indian team is a matter of concern and should be referred to whom? The ICC?

That the South Africans will not be focusing on individuals and will be targeting the entire Indian team implies that either the South Africans have not done their homework or believe that they cannot afford to leave out anyone.

Dhoni’s assertion that the short ball will not bother the Indian batsmen is not borne out by his statement that he believes that the South African bowlers will focus on the short-pitched stuff. “Will they? Won’t they?” won’t be known until they.

That India have won only a single Test in South Africa since the Proteas’ return from the wilderness would have been cause for more concern had it not been for a certain gentleman who goes by the name of Virender Sehwag. The man has probably never read a cricketing book in his life, but by the time he’s done, he will have inspired more than a few.

That India cannot realistically call themselves the No. 1 Test team without a series win or a tie in the lion’s den goes without saying. That is Van Zyl (the South African coach)’s contention too. "Record books don’t lie," but then record books don’t play cricket either.

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