No Hall of Fame is Worthy Without Shane Douglas

Jason IovannaCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Like him or not, Shane Douglas was and is a huge staple in professional wrestling.  From his early days in ECW to his final days in TNA, Shane Douglas has entertained me and other hardcore wrestling fans throughout the world in ways that are hard to put into words.

He may not have been the greatest wrestler, but Shane was a man who could work the microphone like no other wrestler in history.  He could get a crowd so amped up that the place would have the paint melting from the walls. 

Not only could he get the crowd behind him and ready to riot for him, he could use his same mic skills to get the crowd against him.  I have never seen anyone able to be as effective in that aspect as Shane Douglas.  People loved him for his honesty and the maniacal way he presented himself in the ring.

The first time I was exposed to Shane was in late 1994 when ECW first started getting on their own feet.  I did not see when he threw down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but when I first heard him speak and up until the last time I saw him on television, his speeches would give me goosebumps. 

His interviews and speeches not only got my heart racing, they left me wanting more.  After I saw that clip when he threw down the belt, I was in awe of him because that to me, at that age, was the ballsiest thing I had ever seen anyone do.  From that point on, Shane made it his duty to be the most controversial wrestler in the business. 

From throwing Pitbull No. 1 to the mat when he had his crown on from a broken neck, to calling out some of the biggest names in wrestling history, Shane made no bones that he had his opinions, and you were going to hear them whether you liked it or not.

He may hate me for saying it, but Shane got me just as hyped up during an interview as Ric Flair did.  In my opinion, in terms of mic skills, Shane was in the same league as Flair, which is probably the reason why they never got along.

Here and now I am taking a stand that I want Shane Douglas in the WWE Hall of Fame.  If not for his wrestling, then for his ability as a talker and founding father of ECW, the latter which he had a huge hand in building.  If WWE wants credibility to their hall of fame, Shane Douglas is one of the many who had not had a WWE career run that definitely deserve a spot.