"TUF 13" Coaches: Your Last Day To Choose!

Kieran Byrne Correspondent IDecember 13, 2010

Dana White is a busy man.

So busy in fact that he still has not decided who will lead the two teams of young warriors into battle on this upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

With Season 13 set to start filming in only a few weeks time, this is YOUR chance to have your say...

Once enough votes are registered it will be sent direct to the office of Dana White to try and influence the decision on who will coach the following season of TUF. He has to make his decision this week....POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Now let's look at the three potential options as reported first by www.mmafighting.com


1. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Beef has been brewing between these two ever since Wandi gave Sonnen a 'School Boy' style disciplinary in the back of a taxi cab.  

It seems that Wandi took offense when Sonnen belittled The legendary Nogueira brothers, saying that "getting a black belt from (them) is like finding one in your Happy Meal!" (VERY disrespectful..VERY funny!).

Sonnen even went so far as to insult all Brazilians by saying that if you tried to "bow" in Brazil, someone would smash a bottle over your head and take your wallet! 

Words were exchanged on twitter and the heat is definitely rising. Although the end of season hyped fight may end up being a three-round smother-fest, this match up in my humble opinion, is the absolute best option if for no other reason than to see endless classic quotes from Chael "The World's Most Interesting Man" Sonnen and Wandi's notoriously short fuse, flip back and forth like a light switch.


2. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

It's 1-1, a rubber match would absolutely be the final nail in the coffin. The big question here is would Brock Lesnar, who has been known to keep himself to himself, ever agree to spend this much time away from his family with a constant, invasive camera in his face.

He has in the past done 'Prime Time' shows so perhaps if the price was right, Dana could persuade the big man to climb on-board what would surely be a season to dwarf all others (Kimbo Slice, eat your heart out)!!  


3. Miguel Torres and Urijah Faber

While this would possibly be the most exciting and competitive end-of-season fight, I'm not sure if these two phenomenal bantamweight fighters would hold enough weight amongst the casual MMA/UFC fan (no pun intended) to draw the ratings.

Add to that the fact that it's hard to see any 'genuine' animosity/hatred developing between these two.  So I think this is probably the least likely option. 

Dana White has built himself as a man of the people, giving the fight fans what they want to see. He is making his decision this week. This is our opportunity to act! 

Vote now for the pair you want to see!  Spread the link to this article on every MMA thread and Comment section you know and if we get enough votes maybe we can get Dana White himself to pay attention..



12/16/2010 UPDATE: Sending into the office of DW today.