Hawaii Marching Band Video: Better Than Script Ohio?

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IDecember 13, 2010

Hawaii Marching Band Video: Better than Script Ohio?

It's always been hard to compare any marching band to the legendary Ohio State University Marching Band, which first formed its signature formation, "Script Ohio," in 1936.

But Hawaii is certainly turning some heads lately.

The University of Hawaii Marching Band formed a football player figure with ease recently, then proceeded to make him "walk" across the field.

The finishing touch was the kicking of an over-sized football across the field.

I gotta say, that's some pretty impressive stuff.

I'm no marching band expert, but the formation was done with a great deal of fluidity and timing.

It was greeted with grand applause throughout the stadium.

The University of Hawaii Marching Band was first formed in 1923 and is the biggest student organization on campus. The band performs at pregame and halftime in all home games, including bowl games.

The band consists of 250 members and students enrolled receive a tuition waiver.

The band recently played at the All-State Sugar Bowl in 2008.

The band consists of: 15 flutes/piccolo, 25 clarinets, 30 alto/tenor saxophones, nine French Horns, 52 trumpets, 20 trombones, eight baritones, 13 tubas, 20 percussion instruments and 10 color guards.

The No. 24 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football team went 10-3 (7-1 WAC) this season and won their last three games of the season.

They play in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Dec. 24 against Tulsa.

You've gotta wonder if the Hawaii Marching Band has something to do with a solid season the Rainbow Warriors have had.

A little pep never hurt anyone.

Forget pregame huddles and pump-ups, just show me the Hawaii Marching Band and I'd be all revved up to go.

The Ohio State University Marching Band has been dubbed, "The Best Damn Band in the Land."

Does the University of Hawaii Marching Band have a shot at overtaking them?