Philadelphia Eagles v. Dallas Cowboys: Does Michael Vick Deserve the NFL MVP?

Justin EisenbandCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 02:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on from the bench late in the fourth quarter against the Houston Texans at Lincoln Financial Field on December 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles won 34-24.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

You cannot stop him. You can only hope to contain him.

Such words are apt to describe the reemergence of Michael Vick this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.

On Sunday Night Football, Vick and the Eagles traveled to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in a game with severe NFC East implications. With the Giants hot in pursuit, every game has become a must-win for Philadelphia.

Michael Vick responded to the sense of urgency and put together yet another impressive performance. Vick passed for 270 yards and two touchdowns, while he also added one rushing touchdown. The game was Vick's fifth consecutive game with 250 yards or more.

As the Eagles inch closer and closer towards the playoffs, one has to start raising questions over Vick's MVP candidacy. The story would be one of the most awesome and bewildering in NFL history.

In essence, it seems almost unrealistic, like a story from the movies: An NFL star returns from prison as one of the most hated athletes in the world, and reaches the pinnacle of status as an NFL superstar in just his first full season.

So why would Vick deserve the MVP?

In terms of quarterback rating, Vick places second in the NFL to Tom Brady, who is also a viable and deserving candidate for MVP.

Nobody had ever questioned Vick's athleticism or arm strength; however, the knock on Vick as a quarterback had always been his accuracy. In his last three seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, Vick averaged nearly 13 interceptions per season, with a completion percentage that hovered just a few percentage points above 50.

Vick seems to be a completely different player as a member of the Eagles. His interceptions are way down. In fact, Vick went seven straight games without a pick this season.

More importantly, Vick has improved his overall accuracy by enormous sums. This season Vick is completing 63.6 percent of his passes, not only a career high, but more than seven percent higher than his previous career high.

At the same time, Vick has maintained his secondary threat as a rusher. With seven touchdowns already this season, he is on pace to break his career high of eight rushing touchdowns as well. Additionally, Vick has managed to reduce his fumbles lost this season with only one so far.

The only thing at the moment that is separating Vick from an MVP trophy is Tom Brady.

As a quarterback, Brady is clearly better; however, as a play-maker and essential asset, the voters may find that Vick is more valuable.

Right now, the fact that Vick missed three full games and most of another one is really what is keeping him from the MVP.

Likely, it will be Brady that will eventually take home the award.

On the other hand, what a great story it would to see Michael Vick go from the lowest of lows, to the peak of NFL personal achievement.