Denver Broncos: 5 Things the First Loss to the Arizona Cardinals Taught Us

Chaz MattsonAnalyst IDecember 13, 2010

This dude just beat the Denver Broncos, what's his name again?
This dude just beat the Denver Broncos, what's his name again?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Consider it the epitaph on a nightmarish season, or an epilogue to change.  

For the first time ever in the history of the Denver Broncos, they lost a regular season game to the St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals franchise.  

Yes, they were originally the Chicago Cardinals, but the Broncos did not exist as a team back then.  

Still, this was one of the poorer Cardinals teams in recent memory putting the hurt on the worst Broncos team in 40-50 years of their professional football existence.

In a word, the effort was shameful.


This Team Has Lost Its Focus and Professionalism

There were only two real professional efforts that stood out for the Denver Broncos in Phoenix on Sunday at the Cardinals. 

First, rookie wide out Eric Decker, who might be the best kick returner the Broncos have seen since Darrien Gordon in the late 90’s.  Decker had seven returns for 210 yards and a long of 51 yards, which nearly scored, however it was called back due to an illegal block. 

Second, Champ Bailey, who saved two touchdowns from being scored.  The final damage could have been worse than the 43-13 beat down in Arizona.

It’s not just that the Broncos lost to the Cardinals, it’s the way in which they got there. 

The Broncos had no pulse, focus or professionalism as a team.  They looked worse than some Division III schools, and that’s just being realistic.  The Broncos put anything in but a professional effort on Sunday; it was a joke, the under-lying theme of the Josh McDaniels remnant and regime.

The Broncos as a team managed 132 rushing yards to only 152 yards through the air.  Still, the third down conversion stat stood out the most: The Broncos only converted three of their 15 third down attempts for a very meager 20 percent conversion rate.

On the coaching front, Mike McCoy looked like he didn't know how to run an offense.  As commentator and former Raider quarterback Rich Gannon said during the broadcast, “The Broncos look sloppy, and this is late in the season.”

If you ever had a wild hair idea to see what the pre-season would look like during the regular season, this game was it. 

It was a joke. 

It was so bad I feel the NFL competition committee should be getting involved to avoid games like this one from ever happening.


It’s Time for Kyle Orton to Sit

Now this is not to knock Kyle Orton, though he has had his worst two performances back to back. 

It’s just time to see if either Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn are ready to become starting NFL quarterbacks. 

It's rumored Tim Tebow requested a meeting last week to find out what his future status might be with the Denver Broncos since Josh McDaniels was terminated. 

Regardless, both Quinn and Tebow deserve time, and Kyle Orton proved he could potentially become a Pro Bowler this season.

As far as the season goes, it’s garbage time, so the Broncos need to find out what they have.


Firing Josh McDaniels Was the Right Thing to Do

A minority of fans might feel like the Broncos never should have fired Josh McDaniels, and the loss to the Cardinals just proves that. 

I would submit the idea that Josh McDaniels had too much control over his team, to the point that they were obviously like a duck out of water on the offensive play calling side. 

In case you never thought it was possible for the Broncos to do worse than their 37 percent average on third downs for the season, they wound up with a 20 percent average on Sunday. 

On the defensive side, the Broncos yielded 357 net yards and 43 points to a horrible football team in the Arizona Cardinals. 

The icing on the cake was this all happened against a first time starter at quarterback in John Skelton.

If Josh wasn’t worth firing, his coaching staff would have looked better and his team would have had more of a pulse than they had.  These guys know most everyone is expendable.  That is the cause for the lack of focus, and the poor management has found the straw that broke the camels back.

His name is Josh McDaniels, much of this was bantered about for the previous two seasons, now we know it’s true. 

Don’t blame coach Studesville for the poor showing, it’s just the fallout of the poor decision making by Josh McDaniels.


The Denver Broncos Are Who We Thought They Were

Entering the season, the Broncos had all the earmarks of a team that was a long way from getting better.  Now we know those were signs that should have been taken seriously.  There is no desire or inspiration feeding this football team, so the output is lack luster and poor at best. 

The Denver Broncos are as bad as you probably thought they were.  It's hard to admit, I know.

The poor special teams play just continues this season. The Broncos are now the first team to allow a kicker to score a touchdown rushing the ball since the roaring 1920’s.

They are the worst Broncos team of all-time.


It’s Time to Focus on the Bigger Picture

After the first ever loss during the regular season to the Cardinals franchise by the Broncos, it’s clearly time to focus on the future.  

The current roster will more than likely experience wholesale changes across the board. 

It’s a team that has been riddled by injuries and a lack of team play, so this current rendition of the Denver Broncos will be short lived.

It’s the only thing the fans can really hang their hats on right now.