Clueless Minnesota Vikings Feed Foolish NFL and Media's Brett Favre Supporters

Bill AquavivaContributor IIDecember 12, 2010

Brett Favre's Spent a Lot of Time on the Ground This Year
Brett Favre's Spent a Lot of Time on the Ground This YearNick Laham/Getty Images

It continues to amaze me how Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre is still even being discussed as a possible option for the team's upcoming game with the New York Giants. 

When the Giants got stranded in Kansas City on Saturday, the biggest story for the NFL talking heads was about Favre getting an extra day to rest, and how Favre wouldn't have been able to play on Sunday but is now more likely to start for the Vikings on Monday, and then how things became even more optimistic for the team when there was talk of the delay continuing into Tuesday—before the NFL announced the move to Detroit on Monday.

Are people really that naive and/or stupid to continue to think that Favre gives the Vikings the best chance to win?  How is that possible? 

Why are we talking about Favre getting extra time to rest and possibly make his 298th consecutive start instead of outright condemning head coach Leslie Frazier and owner Zygi Wilf for not putting this to bed a week ago by announcing that Tarvaris Jackson clearly gives the Vikings the best chance to win?

The Vikings suck and their season is over, which is reason enough to bench Favre and play your possible future starting QB and get him some more experience.  Is the league that political that "buddy" Leslie Frazier refuses to bench the almighty Brett Favre

Childress gets a pass for being a stone cold moron, but I thought Frazier would have stepped up and listed Jackson as the starter—not just for this week with Favre hurt, but for the rest of the season.

Maybe nobody has the balls to bench Favre.  Is that possible, that the owner and head coach are scared to be the ones to end Favre's streak?  It's time to man up, Minnesota management, and sit the old, broken down, turnover happy, selfish egomaniac.  It's time to halt Favre's historic streak, and not to be afraid to do it on your terms instead of hoping Favre does it himself.

He's not the savior he was last year so he shouldn't have the clout he had last year.  He's been the main factor in almost every Vikings loss this season and his immobility puts the team at risk on every play.  So why has he been in the lineup this long, and more incredulously why is he still considered an option to play tomorrow night against the Giants?

As a Giants fan I'm excited at the prospect of facing Favre on Monday.  He's good for at least five sacks and two turnovers against Big Blue's defense.  Tarvaris Jackson with his mobility scares me a hell of a lot more than Favre does.

But as a football fan I'm disgusted that Favre's selfishness to reach 300-plus consecutive games is accepted—by the media, by the fans, by his coach and by his teammates.  Although I shouldn't be surprised by his teammates when they're the ones who showed a complete absence of pride and went to Favre's house to beg him to come back.

I don't understand how every analyst on TV isn't echoing the words of Mike Ditka and Rodney Harrison about Tarvaris Jackson clearly being the better option for the Vikings.  Are NFL analysts that controllable by the league that they hang onto the slightest hope that Favre can extend his consecutive games streak?  Do they think they'll be associated with history by referencing Favre and the streak?

Every NFL analyst should be on a soap box talking about how Favre should have been benched earlier and should definitely be benched this week instead of kissing his ass and talking about what a warrior he is.  Favre was—hell, I'll say he still is—a warrior, but even the greatest gladiators were eventually killed or retired. 

And that's exactly what Favre needs to do—retire.  Besides, I'm sure he's got a very promising career as a photographer ahead of him.