Is Wrestling Fake?: Here's 8 Things You Wouldn't Get in the Ring and Do!

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIJanuary 9, 2011

Is Wrestling Fake?: Here's 8 Things You Wouldn't Get in the Ring and Do!

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    We all know that professional wrestling is scripted. It's guys who get paid a lot of money to perform and take some really devastating moves.

    I think there's a huge difference between something being predetermined and scripted, to just being fake. To prove that point, I ask all people who loosely say that wrestling is fake, would you take or do these moves?

    If it's fake, it shouldn't be a problem right?

Take Low-Ki's Warrior's Way!

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    Low-Ki/Kaval will be missed in WWE by the IWC. However, since pro wrestling is fake, I'm sure there'd be no problem laying down in Husky Harris' place, right?

Take a Swanton

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    All you have to do is lay down on the announcers table and let Jeff drop 25 feet and land on top of you. But it's fake, so no pain!

Let Rikishi Give You The Stink Face

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    Yeah, that's right, the most humiliating move in WWE history, the Stink Face. But it being fake and all, it should be no sweat, right?

Take the AA Off of the Ladder Through 2 Tables

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    Ah yes, the world's favorite wrestler John Cena dropping the Rated R Superstar through a couple of tables from a few feet up. No problem, you can do it in your sleep, right?

Go Through a Flaming Table

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    Okay, this one is easy, all you do is let Team 3-D toss you through a burning table. Fake enough, right?

Get Tossed on a Few Fake Thumbtacks

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    Can't get much faker than this. 

Take a Pedigree On Some Thumbtacks

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    As if the last one wasn't fake enough because that's just a back shot, how about thumbtacks to the face?

Get Tossed Off of the Hell in a Cell

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    And probably the most fake thing you could imagine, getting tossed off of the Hell in a Cell and through a table.


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    The purpose of this slideshow is to show that there is a huge difference between something being predetermined and scripted, and it being totally fake. Watching a fight on the set of West Side Story is a totally different thing than watching a professional wrestling match.

    I think the fact that things are predetermined in professional wrestling takes away from the degree of difficulty it takes to perform spots and physically put their bodies through the things they have to do. 

    I personally think it takes away from these men and women who perform in a year-round sport to just label it as fake. They take more punishment than the average NFL player who gets months off every year. Not to mention that one wrong move can end these wrestlers' careers. 

    All I'm asking is to really think before just dismissing this as fake. Because if you won't take every single move in this slideshow, it may not be as fake as you think.