After New York Jets' Embarrassing Loss to Dolphins, AFC East Belongs to Pats

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2010

portrait of a losing quarterback, Jets lose again within their division
portrait of a losing quarterback, Jets lose again within their divisionNick Laham/Getty Images

Keep yapping, Rex.  It's tough to win without scoring touchdowns. 

For the second straight game, the Jets were held without a touchdown.

Last week, the Jets couldn't solve the mystery of the league's worst secondary.  This week, home cooking couldn't save the Jets against the Dolphins.

The Jets lost their second divisional game in a row, and for the second straight week, were manhandled by a divisional opponent.

While this week's game wasn't a blowout, it was the second straight week the Jets were decidedly outplayed. 

Trailing 10-3 at the half, the Jets managed to outscore the Dolphins 3-0 in the second half. 

That was all well and good, except the Jets trailed by seven points to start the second half.

For the third straight week, Mark Sanchez was a turnover machine, this time coughing it up twice in the first half—once by fumble and once by interception.

All tolled, Sanchez fumbled four times, luckily, only losing one on the day.

The Jets' defense gave the offense several opportunities to win the game in the third and fourth quarters, but were unable to score against the Dolphins.

Keep talking Super Bowl, Rexie. A lot of Super Bowl teams lose at home against .500 teams.

Even more Super Bowl teams go two straight weeks in the division without a touchdown.

This makes seven consecutive games Sanchez has thrown a pick.

Santonio Holmes dropped a sure touchdown as well.

It's getting harder and harder to defend this team.