Squared Circle Wrestling Awards 2010: Nomination Stage

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IDecember 20, 2010

Well, Bleachers, with WWE TLC drawing to a close, the last major PPV of 2010 has come and gone. So Squared Circle, for the second year, is deciding to list the best and worst of pro wrestling in the last 12 months. The difference is that, unlike last year, it will expand to outside WWE and the result will be decided by you, the Bleacher community.

None of the fake rubbish seen in the Slammy Awards last week, but you will see the nominations and votes before your eyes. The nomination stage will consist of the following.

You may put forward two names for each category (one for best and another for worst). After seven days the nomination stage will end. During the interval between nominations and voting the numbers will be counted. The top five choices in each area will be put forward for the voting stage.

If you have any queries about who or what you can and cannot nominate do not hesitate to post a question. I'll try to get back as fast as I can.

The awards on offer are as follows:

Wrestler Awards

  • Wrestler of the Year—The wrestler you feel has stood out the most this year
  • Tag Team of the Year—The tag team you feel stood out the most this year
  • Most Improved—The wrestler you feel has developed the most in the last year
  • Most Regressed—The wrestler you feel has gotten worse
  • Rookie of the Year—The best newcomer on the scene this year
  • Most Overrated—The wrestler you feel is given too much credit for his work this year
  • Most Underrated—The wrestler you feel is most under utilised this year
  • Most Charismatic—The best on microphone and getting that crowd worked up

Non-Wrestler Awards

  • Non-Wrestling Personality—An onscreen character who has not been an active competitor this year
  • Best Commentator—The voice behind a desk that appeals to your ears the most this year
  • Best Ring Announcer
  • Best Referee

Media Awards

  • Wrestling Organisation of the Year—WWE, TNA, ROH? Or even something smaller?
  • Weekly Show of the Year—Raw, Impact etc.
  • PPV of the Year—The show that you felt was the best for your money
  • Match of the Year
  • Feud of the Year
  • Best DVD release
  • Best Book Release
  • Best Internet Show—Can include non-affliated shows such as Botchmania!
  • Best Internet Personality—Can include wrestlers, non-wrestlers and smarks alike (e.g. Maffew)

So those are the categories ladies and gentlemen. Vote for who you think deserves to be in each category and in a week's time I will compile the choices into a voting stage.

One last thing, when you write down your choice, list the organisation, if applicable, by the side. You may also leave a segment blank if you feel you lack the expertise for certain areas.

Here's a nomination form with my choices ( e.g. wrestler- best wrestler, worst wrestler)

  • Wrestler -  
  • Tag Team -
  • Improved -
  • Regressed -
  • Rookie -
  • Overrated -
  • Underrated -
  • Charismatic -
  • NWP -
  • Commentator -
  • Announcer -
  • Referee -
  • Organisation -
  • Weekly -
  • PPV -
  • Match -
  • Feud -  
  • DVD -
  • Book -
  • I. Show -
  • I. Personality -