Manchester United Will Always Be Bigger And Better Than Manchester City

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

I don't know if it's just me, but a lot of people are making too much of a deal over the new owners of Manchester City. 

Sure, Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG) has shown that it has the money to bring in the best, but that's about it.  When they made a successful last-ditch effort to bring in Robinho, they were making trying to make a statement.  They were basically saying:  "We're rich enough to bring in the best so now we will be the best.  Everyone fear us!"

Apparently, people got the message as they have all the sudden talked about Manchester City becoming the biggest club in the world.

For instance, Liverpool veteran Jamie Carragher has expressed his concern over ADUG's obvious financial supremacy, while Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez believes the Mancunian derby will now be recognized among the world's greatest.

I must laugh at this. Only a few weeks ago, City fans were complaining about their owners and now, they think that they'll be the best club in the world.  I'm sorry if I missed something, but you can't become the best in the world in a few short weeks. 

Sure the Manchester Derby will be a little more interesting, but what else will happen?  Nothing in the immediate future, I say. Manchester United will always be the bigger and better club. There, I said it.

I don't care if no one else agrees with me, but from what I've heard, Ryan Giggs does.  To him, no amount success over the next few seasons will see the Sky Blues outgrow the Red Devils.   

"City have the richest owner in the world but I still see United as the biggest club," the United winger, formerly of City's youth system, told The Guardian.

"United have status and history that has taken years to build up. It stretches back to the days of the Busby Babes, to players like Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best. We have fans in India, China, South America. That popularity is a result of our history. Money can't necessarily get you that."

The Red Devils have a far greater impact in the world. They have a better record than the Sky Blues and no one can deny it.  Manchester United last won something this year 2008, but Manchester City haven't won anything since 2002! 

United has rich history full of stars and champions. 

I can't think of any past player from Manchester City that a normal person on the street would recognize.  "How bout Shaun Wright-Phillips?" you might ask.  I said PAST, as in 1990s and back.  However, if you went to someone and said the names like Eric Cantona, George Best, Sir Bobby Charleton, and others people would know exactly who you were talking about. 

Wherever you go in the world, you'll find a Red Devil fan.  I've been to eight different countries in my short 18 years of life, and not once have I seen a Sky Blue fan. 

I've seen fellow Manchester United fans in Thailand, Chelsea fans in Korea, Fulham and Newcastle fans in the States, and even Leeds fans in Canada.  But not once have I found a Manchester City fan. 

Sure, they have supporters clubs around the world.  Heck, even the USA has a MCFC USA.  But they don't have half as many supporters as United.  I challenge someone to find 10, yes, 10 MCFC fans outside of Great Britain.  I can show you 10 MUFC fans right in my small city of 50,000 people.

Manchester City can try all they want to become the best club in the world.  However, until they start winning at least the Premier League, you can't say that they should even be considered the best.  Come talk to me in another 25 years and then we might have something to talk about.

I'm not trying to bring down Manchester City, all I'm saying is that ADUG has no right in saying that they'll be the best club in the world within three years or so.  There's no way that that can happen. 

Sure, the Sky Blues may start winning more often, but it'll never be as big or as popular as dear old Manchester United.