A-Rod continues homer binge... in meaningless situations

KP WeeSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008


Alex Rodriguez has homered in four of the last five games, including in three straight against the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays. And all those home runs have one thing in common--they were all meaningless.

A-Rod's dinger on Tuesday came in Mike Mussina's 17th victory of the season as the Yankees beat the Rays 7-2. But *yawn*--the home run came in the eighth with the Bombers well in front, 6-2. The blast came off mediocre reliever Jason Hammel, who has a lifetime ERA of 5.98 and is surely the worst arm in the Tampa Bay pen.

Yes, A-"I'm the First"-Rod made history Wednesday when his ninth-inning blast was upheld by instant replay--the first time the replay system was used in major league history.

But again, his two-run long fly came with the Yanks already up 6-3, a fairly comfortable margin--especially when you consider the incomparable Mariano Rivera closes games for the Bombers. Translation: another meaningless home run. Finally, Thursday, Rodriguez victimized Hammel again--this time with a two-out, ninth-inning blast.

However, that came with the Yankees behind 7-4 and down to their final out. So, yes, three straight late-inning homers, two straight ninth-inning blasts and a two-out dinger in the final inning Thursday.

But so what? Those who have long said A-Rod's homers come with nothing on the line just got their points proven again this week. (In fact, there was another one of A-Rod bashing articlesthis past week, just BEFORE his recent surge, written by Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan.)

Yes, yes. A-Rod has homered in three straight games. Yawn. Wake me up when they matter.


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