Why Hockey is the "Coolest Game on Earth"

Jordan WalshCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

Hockey is by far the best and most entertaining sport on planet Earth. But when people who disagree with the above statement ask why I think this, I'm always stuck for a direct answer.

So, I've decided to write about why I think hockey is the greatest game on Earth.

Hockey means so much to so many people. Take me for example. I play hockey, eat hockey, and sleep hockey. People base their lives around what time the game is on, when their kids play, early morning practices, and not to mention the amount of money parents spend for their kids to play.

I also believe we should recognize the Minor Hockey coaches and Managers—people who volunteer HOURS of time just to see their kids novice team take to the ice. No other sport has this commitment and if you can think of one that does let me know, cause I'd love to hear it!

Hockey also touches tons of lifes. Take dying kids in a hospital for example: Hockey players take time out of their busy schedules to see these kids, sign a few autographs and get some pictures taking. This is 30 minutes of a hockey players life and those 30 minutes last an eternity for these kids. Not to many other proffesional athletes do this.

In Hockey, if you go out, give it your all and put some heart into it, you usualy come out with a win. In other sports like Nascar you can race the best race of your life blow a tire and finish 40th. That doesnt happen in hockey.

But heres the No. 1 reason why I think hockey is the "coolest game on Earth." The Comebacks . When your trailing 3-0 and comeback that is a great feeling. Just knowing that all that hard work has payed off makes you realize that it really is never too late.

I look at the Colorado Avalanche vs. Calgary Flames game on October, 26th, 2007. The Avalanche were traling 4-0 and came back to win in a shootout. That really shows alot in a team and proves again that heart and soul is the most important player in Hockey.

The dedication from parents, coaches and players in this sport is simply amazing and truely unique. Those are the reasons I believe Hockey is the best game on Earth!


Thanks to:

Minor Hockey Coaches

Minor Hockey Parents

Minor hockey volunteers

The Players (they keep this amazing sport going)