Carlos Delgado and the Kids Are Carrying the New York Mets to the Playoffs

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

A lot should be said about the Mets' minor-league system. It has salvaged the season for this team.  

Many give the credit to Jerry Manuel and rightly so. He has brought this team together. They matter in this pennant race now. Yet the minors, or as I like to call them "The Kids," are overlooked.

As players began to fall on the disabled list, these Kids started coming up, one by one.

It started with Nick Evans, who, at 22 years of age, was asked to come up when Moises Alou and Angel Pagan went down for the count. I have to say, I am not a fan of Evans. I wanted Fernando Martinez to be brought up. Yet Evans managed to get the job done.

Luis Castillo’s knees have failed him yet again this year. Damion Easley was tagged as the new second baseman in the meantime. Probably because of Easley’s age, the Mets brought up 26-year-old Argenis Reyes to platoon.

They have been great together. He may not be someone to fear at the plate, with a .250 batting average, but Reyes can pull off a double play with the best of them. Look for Reyes to be the new second baseman before Castillo’s contract is up.

With Jose Reyes and Argenis Reyes, we just may have the new Rey Ordonez and Edgardo Alfonzo combination. Only our current shortstop can actually hit.

At the age of 23, Daniel Murphy looked like a veteran when he made his debut to replace Marlon Anderson. Just like a pro, when he arrived to Shea Stadium, he had coaches throwing and hitting balls into left field, just so he can see how the ball bounces out there.

Carlos Beltran has been his mentor. He always looks Beltran’s way to see if he is positioned in the right spot.

He’s been killing it at the plate. Just look at his numbers. In 30 games, he has a .359 average and a .526 slugging percentage.

Eddie Kunz was brought up when Billy Wagner went down. He was the lone disappointment, with a 13.0 ERA. Nevertheless, he still has plenty of time to develop.

Now Jonathan Niese made his debut this past Tuesday in Milwaukee against the Brewers. While he wasn't anything to be scared of, he showed us glimpses of what he can be.

He is still the prospect everyone from Omar Minaya to Manuel to the Wilpons will be bragging about and teams will be asking for come the offseason. He will have to help save this team from another destructive ending with the John Maine out again.

As a Mets fan, I am not worried. "The Kids" have carried this team, and they will continue to do so until the very end.