The Miz: Calling It Down The Middle

Undisputed SaviourContributor IIDecember 10, 2010

The Miz, current WWE Champion.
The Miz, current WWE Champion.

Hello again, my fellow Bleachers. I have written my second article. From attempting to bring justice to Kane (, I now move on to what I feel is equally important: one of the hottest topics amongst the IWC.

I can only be referring to the comeuppance of The Miz as a main event player. Mike Mizanin, former Real World member, has been ostracized for entering the pro wrestling business in the past.

Many thought of him as hungry for what little fame he could only wish to garner from the wrestling business; these people were in fact wrong. It should be noted that The Miz is like any other superstar on the roster--he only does what company officials have assigned him to do on-screen.

He has achieved success thus far, managing to hold the Tag Team Championships, the United States Championship and the richest prize in the business, the WWE Championship.

This article is not biased in any way, and I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible. I seriously have neutral feelings and thoughts towards The Miz, so I will try to evaluate whether or not The Miz deserves the success he has achieved in WWE.


Undoubtedly, The Miz is one of the greatest entertainers on the mic. His promos are very believable, and his arrogance and vainglorious manners always manage to gain heat from whichever crowd he's insulting.

Case in point--The Miz is one of the few superstars who manage to garner respect just by cutting a promo. The way he sticks it to the children in the crowd and mocks others is awesome.

There are only few people who manage to accomplish this, namely, The Rock, Chris Jericho and the great CM Punk. However, all of these superstars (I hate that word) are also perfectionists who can more than back up all that they say in the squared circle.

The Miz's matches are not awful in any way, but they really aren't that spectacular. They are often average at worst, and very good at best. He can carry a match very well, and this is no lie.

You know, there ARE undeserving guys who have had major titles in the WWE, namely The Great Khali. If the WWE can give the title to him, then what's wrong with The Miz?

Despite being thwarted with negativity in the past, The Miz has chosen to stick with WWE.
He once said in a promo, "I got kicked out for eating a piece of chicken over a guy’s bag in the locker room, and I got kicked out for six months. I had to find a place to shower, to use the restroom, to change.

"I’ve had it pretty rough in the WWE just because I’m an outsider, and WWE is kind of like a close-knit family or a fraternity. Once you’re an outsider trying to lurk in, they will haze you and haze you and try to see if you’re up for the task or if you’re just going to quit. I’m not a quitter. I’m more of a person that says bring it on.”

Wow. He has long since worked his way up the hierarchical ladder and his optimism, together with his "never quit" manner, has only gained him respect by many. In addition, he has shown excellent work ethic with his fellow employees. So good, in fact, that he recently became one of the workhorses of the company.

He does whatever promotional ventures the WWE desires as he is one of the few superstars whose strenuous schedule dares not interfere with the quality of his in-ring work.

He is drug-free, unlike some (former) superstars. Therefore, he has only been deemed "worthy" by company officials of being an integral part of the business. If you were Vince McMahon, you might have done the same.

"I'm The Miz! And I'm AWESOME!!!" What seems to be the problem with his catchphrase? Catchphrases are meant to be succinct--short and to the point. The Undertaker has "You will rest in peace," John Cena has "You can't see me!" and The Rock had "If ya smell what The Rock is cooking." The Rock's made no sense at all, but we loved it!

In fact, The Miz's catchphrase makes more sense than The Rock's. And hey, the crowd sings it with The Miz, so why bother trying to shoot the idea down? I think it's awesome (no pun intended).


One of the greatest misconceptions about The Miz and his programming on the screen is that he was never really given any hard substance to work with in the first place. Bear with me here.

The Miz was given the opportunity to establish himself as a singles competitor after dominating the tag team scene with now-rival John Morrison. The Miz has only had credible rivalries vs. MVP, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan. 

I would count the stint with John Cena, but they only had one squash match to the feud, built around a couple weeks. At least it helped to place him in the spotlight for a bit.

Many mid-carders gain credibility via feuds. The Miz never really had any prominent feuds to help establish himself in the process. As a matter of fact, he had random matches with arbitrary fellow mid-carders week after week. It made no sense at all.

Gradually and eventually, he was seen as a top mid-card wrestler, and what really helped elevate him was the Money In The Bank. Weak. Then again, it seemed like the only way to elevate him at the time. But still...weak.

The Miz has been sculpted to be a rather weak champion, and this works magnificently for a heel. However, The Miz has yet to have a very strong performance in the ring to "wow" the crowd, and many feel that this has made him (the on-screen character) seem undeserving of the title. I agree.

This has managed to bring the WWE creative team some heat, as many feel that The Miz should be given a chance to put on some solid, memorable matches.

I ask, when was the last time a heel champion won countless matches cleanly? Why does it ALWAYS have to be a dirty win?

Why is it that when someone is a heel, they have to beat someone dirty and when they are a face they beat the same individual cleanly? Terrible booking that could only fool children. At least they're not the viewers...oops.

So from what I have gathered, there seems to be one flaw with The Miz--the creative ideas being assigned to him. There is room for much needed improvement with respect to the booking.

The Verdict:

The Miz deserves success in the WWE as he has shown incredible improvements in every area of his work since his initial starting point. He has become an all-around superstar capable of greatness.

However, I find his WWE Championship victory to be too soon, and in my opinion, he was not built up well enough to to be skyrocketed to the main event scene. If he were given at least one more rivalry to work with or some more time, I feel as though he would have been more successful in being received with open arms by the IWC.

It has already happened, unfortunately, and I wish The Miz the very best in the future. Hopefully, he is utilized to his full potential. The ball is in his court; we'll see how he does from here. That is only my opinion folks, and I really do hope that I justifiably have called it down the middle.