BYU Basketball: Jimmer Fredette's Story Is Not That Unfamiliar

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2010

(Jim Balderson—Basketball Analyst)


Hello everyone, this is my first post as a member of the Deep Shades of Blue team.

I am happy to share a few of my thoughts and insights on the current Cougar team and BYU basketball in general.

I am not the guy to report news, save that for Wrubell, Harmon, Franchuk, Drew etc., but rather to provide a unique insight and opinion on the current team.

I follow the team and will do my best to add some value.

Here is a quick post about Jimmer Fredette and his return to Glenn Falls (since it's Jimmer Mania week).

Have you looked at Glenn Falls on Google Maps? Pretty close to Canada...just thought I would point that out.

All things considered, I thought the team played well in the win over Vermont. A little sloppy in the beginning but Jimmer came through along with the rest of the team.

Jackson Emery doesn’t get much media attention but he is every bit as valuable to this team as Jimmer. Just watch Jackson play defense, his lateral quickness is incredible.

Coach Rose’s teams are always consistent in the effort and the level in which they compete. He doesn’t allow anything but 100-percent effort in an offseason shooting drill, let alone a big game. Shots don’t always fall but you will never see the team quit or give a half effort.

Coach can really motivate his players to play hard.

I am looking forward to the game against Arizona on Saturday. This will be the biggest test of the season so far and will let us know how good we really are. If we can handle their pressure early and contain their big guys, I think we will be in good shape. I predict another win.

Last week I was impressed with the quality interview with Jimmer in his hometown, which aired during halftime of the BYU vs. Hawaii game. If you haven’t seen it click here. Watch from 10:20 to 23:50 (be sure to skip the BYU @ Utah football highlights).

The best part of that clip is the home footage of Jimmer and his dad and brother playing basketball in the backyard. I love it when “chubby” Jimmer is getting mad and kicking the fence—classic!

This clip made me think about how similar Jimmer’s story is to mine and most LDS kids around the country. Dad, brothers, backyard basketball, church basketball court…this clip is EVERYTHING that BYU Basketball is all about.

I bet most of you have very similar video clips and experiences playing at the church or in the back yard with your family and friends. I think this is why we all like Jimmer and his story.

Some of the best childhood memories I have are the games I had with my family (I have four sisters and two brothers) in the driveway and at the stake center. I was the second youngest and got beat up pretty good. I was lucky enough to have a dad that loved sports and coached and played with us. He was competitive and we learned to compete and play because we had fun doing it.

Jimmer has a great family and learned to play the game the same way we all did. It has been fun to watch his success. He represents the team, school, the fans and all the aspiring young LDS athletes well. Not every kid gets to live the dream like Jimmer but we can create some good memories along the way.