Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC?

Joe TaylorContributor ISeptember 4, 2008


With Brock Lesnar recently winning his first UFC match and Bobby Lashley looking to make his MMA debut, it got me thinking—Who else from the WWE could sucsessfully make the jump from pro wrestling to MMA?

I've made a list of some of the top WWE superstars and discussed how they could adapt to the UFC, could they even be able to compete with "real" fighters, and if they would ever consider leaving pro wrestling for mixed martial arts.

John Cena
It's always been said about Cena that he's not the best technical wrestler but he can fight. But could he fight in the UFC? John Cena vs Chuck Liddell. There's only going to be one winner.

I don't think John Cena cares though, he would'nt want to compete in the UFC. He would only leave WWE for a film career but he has already stated that he will not do a Rock and leave WWE for Hollywood. He will happily stay in the WWE and make millions for himself and for Vince Mcmahon.

Triple H
He is another one is never going to leave the WWE as he despreately wants to take over from Vince. However, if he were to compete, I don't think he would fair well in MMA. He's got no real amatuer wrestling skills and I don't think he would be that great in a fist fight against any UFC fighter.

The Undertaker is a fan of the UFC and I think he would handle the UFC a lot better than either Cena or Triple H could but I feel that he would be too old to have any impact on the UFC. Taker has good submissions, understands MMA, and I think he can deliver a pretty good punch. He would be able to strike fear into his opponents.

CM Punk
Out of any of the superstars in the WWE, I think CM Punk is the only one who could have a succseful carrer in the UFC. This is because he has trained in MMA and has the right work ethic.

His straight edge gimmick is his real life and he treats WWE as a sport. He could easily adapt to the UFC. I think a CM Punk vs BJ Penn would be a brilliant fight.

The big question is, Would Punk ever make the jump? I think if the UFC becomes bigger and more popular he could make the jump but if he stays World Heavyweight Champion he isn't likely to leave the WWE anytime soon.

Big Show
This may seem like a funny choice becuase there is nobody like the Big Show in UFC, but he could be a dangerous fighter in MMA. A lot of people were talking about what would happen at Wrestlemania XXIV if the Mayweather, Big Show match were real. I think Show would have won.

I think one hit with that fist of his would be a knockout blow. He would be veryhard to take down because he is too big, this would also make it difficult to submitt him. It would be too gard to knock him out too because he is too tall. His only problem would be his stamina. He would'nt be able to last 15 minutes of UFC action.

Best of the Rest
Vladimir Kozlov could very well turn to MMA. He has similar build and style to Lashley. I think it would also be a good move for him. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton—none of these really strike me as UFC material. JBL as always been seen as a legitamate tough guy, but he would get completely outwrestled or submitted.

I can't really think of any more WWE superstars but if you can I'l be happy to hear your suggestions.

If you look at the TNA roster, it's easy to see who could make the jump: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. Joe trains in MMA and Angle is an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling.

I don't think Joe will be leaving pro wrestling anytime soon because he has not accomplished a great deal in the wrestling world but I think sooner rather than later Angle will head to the UFC. He has constantly expressed an intrest in it and he would relish the challenge. Whether is body and health could cope with it is a whole different debate.

I would love to see Angle compete in the UFC, but will it ever happen?