UCF-South Florida: Knights Hopefully Have New Game Plan for No. 17 Bulls

David BresslerContributor ISeptember 4, 2008

UCF's home opener against the South Carolina State Bulldogs was not exactly as memorable as last year's first home game against the Texas Longhorns.  

The intensity wasn't there.  The fans weren't there.  The Marching Knights were there, but they weren't there.  Kevin Smith was not there.  UCF's quarterback, Mike Greco, was also nowhere to be seen. 

Two aspects of game day remain the same: cute girls wearing cutoff jeans and tank tops and the vanilla playbook of offensive coordinator Tim Salem.  I would rather have two root canal procedures or watch grass grow than watch another tiresome performance by the UCF offense.

It was tough to tell whether students in the student section were either passed out drunk from the hours of tailgating or fell asleep because of the bland "Run, Run, Play-action Roll out, Punt" play calling.

The Knights will suffer another 64-12 beatdown to the South Florida Bulls if they come out the way they did last Saturday.

There is a significant difference between a Division I-AA team and a team that has an outside shot of going to the National Championship (that was very hard to admit).

Mike Greco will need to put his "Run first, pass second" mentality behind him against All-American defensive end George Selvie and company.

My theory is that coach George O'Leary only ran a small fraction of the offensive playbook.  That way USF will not have a significant amount of game film to get a revealing scouting report from.  With four freshman running backs and a quarterback with only one start under his belt, it's tough to get a scouting report in the first place.

Hopefully, my college football hypothesis will be proved correct this weekend.  But then again, I'm just a student with an optimistic approach.  What do I know?

For the Knights to come out on top, they can't afford to have another one-sided play-calling scheme like last week.  The Knights ran 59 times for an abundant total of 228 yards.  Unfortunately, the Knights only threw nine completions for a grand total of 90 yards.

With little experience from the quarterback and running backs, I was pleasantly surprised to see no turnovers in the game.

Hopefully USF's quarterback will eat his words this weekend.  Here's what he said when asked if the Bulls intentionally ran up the score against the Knights in the 64-12 bout. 

"I hope they like what happened," Matt Grothe said after last year's game, "because we weren't trying to run the score up on them.  We're that much better than them."

The Knights are 0-3 all-time against the South Florida Bulls.  Hopefully the fourth time's the charm.  It was for my roommate's Calculus class. 

As of now, this will be the Bulls' first and last time visiting the Bright House Networks Stadium.  This could very well be the last game of the UCF-USF "War on I-4"—or if you're a USF fan, the "Snore on I-4." 


Fun Facts

Last year, the Bulls won by only 15 points against Division I-AA Elon in their first game, then went on to be nationally ranked No. 2 for a short period of time.

The game against the Bulls on Saturday at 7 p.m. will be televised on ESPN 2.  Bring out your signs, and get your butt in your seat early!  I'll be waiting for the original "Welcome to the school you couldn't get into" sign.