College Football Week Two: Expect More Stats That Will Make Tecmo Bowl Jealous

Shawn CollierContributor ISeptember 4, 2008

Remember 1987? Wait, some of you may not have even been born yet! Or you may have just skipped Nintendo altogether and went straight to Super Nintendo.

Regardless, last week in College Football Week 1, there were some players putting up ridiculous stats that you'd be hard pressed to find on EA Sports' NCAA College Football for your Playstation 2, nonetheless on Tecmo Bowl.

Let's take a look at the quarterbacks:
Juice Williams--Illinois ---451 yards, five touchdowns
Max Hall---BYU ---41 passes for 486 yards, two touchdowns
Graham Harrell---Texas Tech--- 536 yards, two touchdowns

How about running back Shun White of Navy, 348 yards rushing and three touchdowns.

Finally there was Dennis Pitta of BYU who had 213 yards receiving.

Now if only my NFL Fantasy Players put up these kind of wings for a year...HERE I COME!



Missouri's Defense: If defense wins championships, someone better relay that information to Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus. Or else the Columbia faithful will help Coach E put his house on the market.

I for one am a Big10 Homer, and I refuse to believe it was a matter of Illinois being that good. Nice to see what Juice Williams can do when he's not running 90% of the time, but come on! 451 yards throwing?!?

If Mizzouintends on being a true National Title contender its time to get serious and be relentless on the defensive side of the ball. Too bad they don't play Texas Tech. That would look like a basketball score by the end of it!

Maybe UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton doesn't really like Volunteer head football coach Phil Fulmer. How else do explain these trips to the West Coast that end in losses?

Or maybe, quite simply, Tennessee was just severely overrated? In a year where they were thought to secretly sneak up on the SEC, and UCLA was thought to not so secretly lay near the doormat of the Pac-10, the Vols were beat in overtime 27-24 Monday night.

If you watched the game, you heard all about THIRD string quarterback Kevin Craft throwing FOUR first half interceptions. That's right a third string QB threw four picks and his team still won!

Plus UCLA's surprisingly good defense went soft on the final two Volunteer scoring drives. Had they not, this game would've been finished in regulation.

Is it safe to say Phil Fulmer might be on the hot seat?

Marquee Matchups In Week 2

There aren't many this week, but we'll try to find them anyways

Miami @ #5 Florida 8PM ESPN
Can the Gators finally end the 23-year drought of not beating the Hurricanes?
Is Miami still trying to clear the "thug U" reputation?
Does Superman wear Tim Tebow pajamas to bed?
Answer to all three questions: YES

#8 West Virginia @ ECU 4:30PM ESPN
Why isn't ESPN Gameday at this game?! I like to see them get to places they don't get to often.
So you don't think ECU can pull two upsets in one season? Please revisit 1999 when the Pirates upset West Virginia, South Carolina, NC State, and The U.
If the Pirates can bring the intensity they did last week, and bring it particularly to Pat White, then why not?

Intriguing Match-Ups/ Upsets to Look Out For


It's always interesting to see how a team rebounds from a tough loss...
Oh speaking of which...

Citadel @ Clemson 3:30PM ESPN
Hopefully Clemson won't have to worry about Citadel players driving SUV's. But don't forget the 'Del gave Wisconsin fits a year ago.

Mississippi @ #20 Wake Forest 3:30PM ABC
Ole Miss put on a pretty good show last week in Houston Nutt's debut. Wake Forest now looks like the cream of the crop in the ACC. But a loss here, and well you might as well just fast forward to basketball in ACC land.

#10 Texas @ UTEP 10:15PM ESPN2
Not calling for an upset here, but just find this one intriguing that the Longhorns are playing a rare road night game AT a in-state opponent not from the Big XII. Expect UTEP to hang around until at least halftime.

Last week I should have known better as two teams that love to let me down, let me down again. Tennessee and Clemson came through for me again. And I have to ask myself, was picking Fresno State really a stretch? Seems like everyone else did too.
Happy Week Two Everybody.


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