Cardinals-49ers: NFL Week One Preview and Picks

Chris RadezSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

In a land where football seemed dead and gone, and tradition was the only thing holding together a 53-man roster, only one person could possibly alter the future for a former dynasty. That person is...

J.T O'Sullivan.

Okay, so that was a little dramatic. But really, watch this guy in '08. Under Mike Martz, I'm willing to bet that he'll have the 'Niners' organization wondering why they waited this long to bench Alex Smith.

San Francisco beat the Cardinals both times they played them last season, and I'm thinking that this year won't be much different.

The battle between Warner and Leinart for the starting QB position in Arizona will rattle their ability to concentrate, and San Francisco's defense will be able to apply the pressure needed to come out with a win.

My prediction:
'Niners: 28
Cards: 10

Let's take a look at the picks:

House of Steel: 49ers

Revolution: Cardinals

encmetalhead: 49ers

Amoroq: Cardinals

kfkorn: 49ers

buffalo29: Cardinals

buffalogal1982: Cardinals

senna1a: Cardinals

Longballer: Cardinals

Korrupt: Cardinals

DeepUnderMeds: 49ers

Follismo: Cardinals

There seems to be more people calling for a Cardinals victory, but I stand by my prediction. O'Sullivan kick-starts his career as a 'Niner with a victory.

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