Pro Wrestling Rules of Etiquette: How To Behave at a Live Event

Darrell MaysContributor IDecember 9, 2010

This past Monday night, I was in attendance at Monday Night RAW in Louisville, Ky. During the show, I noticed all kinds of actions by fans around me. It got me thinking how one should behave at a pro wrestling event. So I came up with the following suggestions.


If you must bring a sign.


First off, I hate signs! If you are able to design a clever, eye catching sign then good for you. However the majority of fans can not and end up holding up a piece of poster board with "Hey, I'm on TV" on it all the while sitting in a section the cameras never look at. Plus, to add insult to injury, if your sign says "John Cena Rules" on it and you hold it up when Cena comes to the ring then fine. If you hold it up when Cena does his finisher then fine, if you hold it up after Cena wins his match then fine. However when Santino Marella comes out, don't hold up your Cena sign. When Big Show does the chokeslam, don't hold up your Cena sign. When Undertaker comes out...well you get the idea.


You paid for that seat so SIT DOWN!!! Part One.


Nothing bothers me more than people that constantly run back and forth to the bathroom, the beer stand, the food stand, the souvenir stand. You came to watch the show so sit down and watch it. Why is it that these kind of people are always in the middle of the row???


Your in the FRONT ROW so SIT DOWN!!! Part Two.


You were lucky enough to snag a front-row seat. You have the best seat in the house. Yet you keep standing up all through the show. I know that sometimes the action can make you leap from your chair. But when it's over, SIT DOWN!!! If you keep standing then the row behind you keeps standing and the row behind them keeps standing and it just gets worse from there. If your in the front row and still can't see, you should of stayed home and watched it on TV.


Try to at least stay current with the story lines - fashion wise.


It's almost 2011 and you still show up to RAW with your WHAT?! or nWo shirt on. Then you brag to everyone that will listen that you are the biggest wrestling fan...EVER! You would think the biggest wrestling fan ever would have some more up to date shirts to wear to his favorite sport. I bought a Nexus shirt last week for 25 bucks. Stop being a cheap skate and shell out the money will ya.


Pay attention to your seat number on your ticket.


The last three times I have went to a live show, there is always some fool sitting in my seat. The seat I paid for. And every time it has happened, it was because the fool just found his row and slammed his big rear end down without even checking to see that his assigned seat was about four chairs down. What this causes every time is I have to go find an usher to double check the fools ticket. In the end I always miss part of the show because Captain Moron is slow to the punch.

and finally......


Don't throw ANYTHING in or at the ring!!!


The squared circle is a sacred place for a lot of us. Just because your fan favorite didn't win the title or got beat down by a bunch of bad guys doesn't mean you need to launch that overpriced 64 ounce soda cup at their head. The worst one is toilet paper...who brings rolls of toilet paper with them to a live wrestling show??? Most of the time you will get caught and you will get kicked out. You will miss the rest of the show that you paid to see. The only bright spot to this is the rest of us won't have to put up with you standing in front of us with your Disco Inferno shirt on the rest of the night.


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