Did Sean Payton Trade His Soul to the Devil for a Super Bowl Win In 2008?

Robert LewisAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2008

As the story goes, Robert Johnson, one of the 20th century's most influential musicians, on a dark and stormy night in the middle of crossroads some were in Mississippi sold his soul to the devil for musical talent.

Robert Johnson never denied the report, and so the story has been passed around, with many believing it to be true.

The New Orleans Saints, for a third straight year, held training camp at Millsaps College—only 170 miles south of the supposed spot were Robert Johnson met the devil at those famous crossroads.

This year there were reports that Sean Payton left Millsaps College late one night, returning only an hour before the morning practice was suppose to start. An anonymous source says he would not say were he had been, and that he got lost in the back roads trying to find his way back to the college.

Did Payton, after hearing the story of Robert Johnson, go to meet the Devil and trade his soul for a Super Bowl victory in 2008?

Only time will tell, or will it? Payton, in 2006, was named "Coach of the Year" falling one win short of the Saints first ever Super Bowl appearance. In 2007 the Saints were favored to win it all and failed miserably, finishing the season 7-9.

One would think that he does not want to have another disappointing season, and to also be the first coach to ever bring home a Super Bowl Trophy to the "Big Easy." His name would forever be set in stone, and his legacy would last for eternity.

You never know what men will do or the price they will pay to obtain what they desire most. For the majority, selling your soul to the devil is merely a folk story passed down thru the generations, but for a few, they believe that if you do stand in the middle of the cross roads somewere in Mississippi and call for the Devil, he is willing to give you your pleasure for the price of your soul.