CvC: Eddie Guerrero Vs Kurt Angle, Best Rivalry In Pro Wrestling Ever?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIDecember 14, 2010

"Mexicans are to Lesner what kryptonite is to Superman!! 1st Eddie now Velasquez!"-Chavo Guerrero(@mexwarrior)

Chavo Guerrero posted this tweet after Brock Lesnar lost his fight and UFC title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121.

Now if you don't know what he means by this, let's take a look back to 2004.

Eddie Guerrero, like Velasquez, was Mexican and had received a title shot to Lesnar's WWE Championship at a WWE PPV called No Way Out. He was a hard worker that had risen from the bottom and deserved a shot at the title but with his small stature, he was deemed to not be successful as a champion.

He was considered an underdog coming into the match. Once the match occurred, it had people wondering if Eddie could indeed beat Lesnar, who was a dominant,young champion at the time. It turns out that the unexpected happened, and Eddie won with the help of Goldberg. It was a marvelous day to be a fan, as we had witnessed history in crowning the first ever Mexican WWE Champion.

It also made people feel proud knowing that Eddie's hard work and dedication had finally paid off. Eddie was finally able to get the prize that had eluded him for all those years.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle became the next challenger for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XX after attacking Eddie for bringing dishonor and disrespect to the WWE Championship due to being a champion who once had problems with drugs and alcohol. This led to some intense moments between the men leading up to their Wrestlemania encounter.

Once Wrestlemania came, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero had a match that could be considered one of the best ever. During the match, Angle seemed to be on the verge of victory as he had the Ankle Lock locked onto Eddie but Eddie had had a plan to counter it.

Pretending to be hurt, he untied his boot and used it to counter the ankle lock to Angle's surprise. Eddie left Madison Square Garden as champion by beating Kurt Angle at the "Grandest Stage of Them All" with a small package. Eddie's sneakiness helped him retain his gold.

Eddie outsmarted Angle in their first encounter and both men were bound to face each other again, right? Wrong, because along the way, Angle was injured after being choke slammed by the Big Show onto the floor from a few feet high. Eddie seemed to had gotten rid of Angle but Kurt came back as the General Manager of Smackdown.

Kurt's mission was to ruin Eddie's championship reign and he accomplished it after Eddie Guerrero faced JBL, who was an unproven mid-carder at the time after a gimmick change, in a Texas Bullrope match at the Great American Bash. Eddie had technically won the match, but Angle overruled the decision stating that JBL touched the final turnbuckle first. So JBL became champion and Eddie was screwed.

Eddie was angry after being screwed so he quickly cashed in his rematch clause on Smackdown against JBL. Eddie and JBL fought in a steel cage match where there was no way that Angle would've been able to screw Eddie. As Eddie was fighting on the top of the Steel Cage with JBL, a "masked luchador" came and pulled Eddie down, allowing JBL to get an opportunity to climb out and win.

Eddie was angry and tried to pull down the masked wrestler as he was trying to climb out but the masked man managed to escape. The masked assailant thought that he was home free by then but did not notice that Eddie had come down with the mask. The masked man's identity was then revealed. It was Kurt Angle and he had screwed Eddie once again.

Eddie became even more angry as Angle had lied about his injury just to screw Eddie. Angle was fired as GM and was then forced to face Eddie at Summerslam in a singles match. It was the first time in five months that these two men would face off against one another. 

Angle vs Guerrero was a long awaited match in which Kurt Angle came up on top. It was 1-1 and to make a clear winner come out, these two had a few more encounters in the coming months. They had many great matches especially one on Smackdown that was an instant classic. In the end, both men ended up having one of the best feuds ever.

Although, this feud eventually ended, I believe that this is one of the better feuds ever, if not the best ever. Don't believe me, then don't. But this feud had a lot of reasons to back it up as one of the greatest ever. This feud had:

Great Matches- Most of the matches were of 5 star quality and making this one of those feuds that had extraordinary matches.Both men really knew how to tell stories in the ring and did not disappoint to the hype. Want proof that this feud had good matches? Well then, look at the videos below:

Wrestlemania Match(Part 1)-

Wrestlemania Match(Part 2)-

Summerslam 2004(Part 1)-

Summerslam 2004(Part 2)-

Smackdown(Part 1)-

Smackdown(Part 2)-

Smackdown(Part 3)-

Entertaining Promos- Aside from the high caliber matches, this feud had intense promos involving both men. These promos were very well done to build up the intensity between these two men. Just look at the Wrestlemania/Summerslam promo videos and tell me that you aren't interested in watching their matches. It's impossible to not watch, right?

Ongoing Continuity- You must be wondering what I mean by this, so let me explain. As opposed to any rivalry that continued on and off or through encounters with the rivals on each show in different matches, Eddie and Kurt continued their rivalry by not even meeting in the ring for FIVE months!

That's a lot of time to continue a feud with the same hype going for it without having both rivals involved in the ring. It may sound impossible but Eddie and Kurt pulled it off. They kept the tension with each other only by having promos and no one on one matches between each other until Kurt was fully recovered. They had interactions out of the ring, but none inside it. This is really something hard to accomplish but these two men did it.

Title and No Title- At first, the feud started because of the title being around Eddie's waist. But eventually, it became personal when Kurt lied and screwed Eddie from keeping his first and only title ever. These two then continued their rivalry without the title and it still worked. With or without the title, Kurt and Eddie made the feud enjoyable.

Lie,Cheat,Steal- What was once Eddie Guerrero's catchphrase, became true in this rivalry. There was lying, cheating, and stealing involved from both men in this feud. Kurt Angle lied about being injured just to screw Eddie over and he also cheated to gain some victories with the help of a person that I like to call Luther Reigns.

As for Eddie, Eddie Guerrero stole the gold medals from Kurt Angle in what could be considered one of the most memorable moments of the feud. Want to relive it? Click on the link.(Part 1)-,(Part 2)-;Auction-

Eddie also cheated in Kurt Angle's opinion by untying his boot to reverse the Ankle Lock, but I call it being smart. So to conclude, this feud had everything that Eddie reprsented making it feel more realistic and helping add more depth to Eddie's character.

Underrated- When you hear the top rivalries of all time, which ones do you hear? You must be thinking Rock/Austin, Hart/McMahon, Taker/Michaels, Taker/Kane, HHH/HBK, Cena/Orton, Angle/Benoit, Christian/Jericho, Orton/Taker, Guerrero/JBL, Angle/Lesnar, Guerrero/Mysterio, and so on, but do you ever hear Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle. Of course you don't, because it is not as much of a "big name" feud as the rest, but this feud should be mentioned as one of the greatest.

Why? Because it had Everything! Even if you don't think that this is one of the greatest, at least give it an honorable mention because it mixed story with wrestling which is something that is rarely seen these days. These two men gave it their all and it showed during the matches, promos, and interactions that these men had.

I consider this rivalry to be a hidden gem that is greatly underappreciated, making it more valuable since it is not overmentioned in the talks about the greatest feuds ever. This feud had everything, and if you fail to see that, then I truly feel sorry for you because this feud is one of the greatest out there in the annals of wrestling history.

Latino Heat vs The Olympic Gold Medalist deserves more respect then it actually receives. Why? Because it was the BEST, everything about it worked! 

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle is the best feud ever because it could really deliver and if given the proper respect, you may agree that this statement is indeed true!