Boxing: The Upcoming Battle Between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2010

Amir Khan is quite motivated and enthusiastic for his upcoming fight against Marcos Maidana for the lightweight world boxing title. The debut between the British and Argentinean boxing champs will be a great challenge for both players.

While speaking in a teleconference, Amir Khan said when he triumphs in the battle, people will come to know about his abilities well. Khan said that he is in his best form and enjoying the best performance time of his life. He said both fighters are quite motivated and putting their remarks against each other through media.

After losing his only fight against Breidis Prescott, who was also a South American boxer, Khan is now looking forward to win his sixth fight, which is going to be held on Dec. 11, against Marcos Maidana. Now his center of attention has been changed, as Khan has been trained in a different and tougher manner.

While talking about a possible knockout, Khan said that we have to focus on game plan rather than knockout, as with game plan sometimes it is crucial to put pressure on opponent and sometimes letting rival coming forward is good.

Khan is ready for Maidana and he is feeling confident training  under Freddie Roach. It should be noted that Khan has been spending much of his time away from home and family in England.

Roach said that Amir Khan is well planned and organized. He doesn’t look for one punch knockouts because he knows his job well and how to break down a rival. “We never take any game so serious before and in our entire teamwork we never lost even a single round. We won’t be losing any round in this battle too,” Roach added.

Roach is quite hopeful that his boy will crush Maidana in the later rounds. While speaking about Maidana he said, “We are not taking our opponent lightly. He has knockout power with great boxing records. His recent record of retiring twenty two of twenty seven rivals in just three rounds is respectable and also shows that Maidana is an excellent fighter, but not reputable for his punching power.”

Maidana was defeated by Andre Kotelnik in last year’s fight whereas Khan beat Kotelnik about five months ago and now Maidana is getting impatient to get back his world title, which he has already won four times.

On the other side, Maidana said that he is absolutely ready to face Khan and anything Khan brings to to the table. Either he would like to stay close or move around the ring. He said the upcoming fight with Khan will raise his profile.

It is not difficult to call Khan the favorite for the upcoming battle, as he has worked hard to improve his lower body strength. Analysts are predicting Khan and are saying that he will only need few good punches in early minutes of the fight to overcome Maidana. A tantalizing December match-up will come back resolving many questions present in the public's minds for both fighters.


By: Mike Magneto, - SJ Blog Partners

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