Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans: NFL Game Preview for December 9, 2010

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2010

Peyton Manning
Peyton ManningJim Rogash/Getty Images

Betting Preview:

The Indianapolis Colts are finally starting to come to the realization that injuries may not be their problem this season. The problem with the Colts may actually be the play of future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning. When the NFL predictions came out at the beginning of the season, the Colts were odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl. When the injuries started to pile up on offense, and the NFL scores were not all going the Colts way, Manning started to force things. Now the Colts quarterback is in a nightmare stretch of games where he is throwing three and four interceptions a game, and many of them are coming back for touchdowns.

The Tennessee Titans are living their own nightmare, but NFL betting experts have seen this nightmare before. The nightmare is named Vince Young, and he is a nightmare because he is incredible talent mixed in with serious emotional instability. Head coach Jeff Fisher can see the potential, but Young’s almost predictable late season breakdowns are becoming tiresome for the Titans. Quarterback Kerry Collins cannot play for many more years, so it is time for the Titans to start finding a new quarterback of the future.


You can call this game “The Drama Bowl,” and it is something that Peyton Manning never wanted to be a part of. Manning has no running game in Indianapolis as starting running back Joseph Addai continues to show that he cannot stay healthy for a season. So Peyton Manning feels like he has to carry the offense to a win. Throughout his career, Peyton Manning has been an effective game manager and an accurate passer. But he has always been at his best when he has worked within the team’s offense. When Manning tries to be the offense, things go wrong.

The Titans still have a great running back in Chris Johnson. They have a reliable quarterback in Kerry Collins and, if they can get him to start running, they have a big play maker in wide receiver Randy Moss. But even when Vince Young is not on the field, his drama brings the team down. The offensive line seems to lack confidence and the wide receivers are dropping key passes. The whole offense seems distracted.


When the Indianapolis Colts defense is healthy, then it can be extremely effective. Linebacker Gary Brackett is expected to play in this game and safety Bob Sanders is said to be closer to playing than he was last week. If the Colts defense can get healthy in the next week or two, then it may be in time to salvage the Indianapolis season.

Tennessee continues to play “bend but don’t break” defense. They have the 24th ranked defense in the league, but they are ranked eighth at points per game. The Titans only allow 20 points per game. But they will need opportunistic corners and safeties that they do not have to try and help Peyton Manning to continue to make bad mistakes all game long.

The Bottom Line:

Peyton Manning is smart enough to know when he is the problem. If Manning can get his game turned around, and the Colts defense can get back on track, then the Colts still have a shot at winning the AFC South.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts