Albert Haynesworth: Was This Over Before It Ever Began?

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Albert Haynesworth:  Was This Over Before It Ever Began?
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In a stroke of coincidence, fate or because my iPod has magical powers, as I was reading yet another article in the Washington Post about Albert Haynesworth, the song Feel Good Drag by Anberlin started to play.

The chorus rings loudly with, "Was this over before it ever began.. your lies, your lust like the devil's in your hands." 

Then the second verse: "Cause I'm tired of who I am, you were my greatest mistake..."

And then finally the bridge: "Failure is your disease, you want my outline drawn, you were my greatest failure, discourse your saving song."

I honestly can't help that this song, though about a girl, could easily be adapted to Albert Haynesworth's time with the Washington Redskins.

Haynesworth will more than likely go down as owner Daniel Snyder's worse free agency signing.  Worse than Deon Sanders, Jeff George and Bruce Smith combined.

Was Big Al's time in D.C. over before it began when the Redskins signed him to an obscene amount of money, despite warnings that he wouldn't be motivated to produce once he got paid?

Haynesworth was a failure here in D.C. and I dare say his disease sank this season.  Maybe his constant distraction was greater than we fans ever thought.

In spite of the defense's struggles this year, if they weren't constantly answering questions about Haynesworth, they would have been more focused.

And games that slipped away like against Texas, and Minnesota may have been wins, and we'd be talking playoffs right now.

We'll never know, of course, and Dan Snyder's greatest failure will probably be gone before the 2011 draft and hopefully in the future when a player thinks he's bigger than this team they'll remember Albert Haynesworth and rethink any diva-like antics.

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