WWE Does Not Have Enough Talent To Keep CM Punk As a Permanent Commentator

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 8, 2010

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk fans, rest easy. Your favorite superstar will be back in the ring.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Punk had suffered a hip injury. There was a concern among all that he was going to miss a considerable amount of time after surgery.

Fortunately for us all, though, Punk was told that he could rehab the injury instead of going under the knife.

Vince McMahon wanted to keep Punk on TV, so he opted to utilize him as a color commentator. It ended up being one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Punk has been thriving at the commentating booth. McMahon instructed his announcers to make more "shoot" comments. Thus far, Punk has been the one to excel at that the most.

The writers love it. So do the wrestlers. The fans are absolutely eating it up.

With that in mind, there were some Punk fans that were concerned that the Straight Edge Superstar had gotten too good at his new job. They were worried that he might be stuck behind the desk.

Well, that's not going to happen.

Punk is an established superstar. He is a former world champion and main event performer. He's also someone now that the writers always book for a spot on the PPVs.

If WWE had a deep roster like they did a decade ago, then Punk might have been utilized on a more permanent basis as a commentator.

Since Punk is needed in the ring, that will be where he do his work when he's healed up.


Jack Windham is the lead writer at WrestlingRevealed.com.