Creature Vs Creature: Randy Orton vs John Cena Is the WWE's Greatest Rivalry

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 7, 2010

My second Creature vs Creature competition. This time around, the competition called for the writers to pick the WWE's Greatest feud.

Though feuds like Austin/McMahon or Rock/Austin tend to be the initial choice, there's always something better—a fresh feud simply.

While the Attitude Era may have brought us feuds like The Hardy's vs E&C, The Corporation vs DX and Undertaker vs Kane, one feud stands above them all.

That's right you guessed it: John Cena vs Randy Orton! The Viper vs The Champ, top heel vs top face.

Does it get any better?

Quoting Cena himself, "John Cena vs Randy Orton has become the rivalry."

I'm positive your wondering why? Why, out of all of the feuds in WWE history, did you choose Orton vs Cena?

Cena had better feuds with JBL, Triple H, Edge and Batista; Orton had better feuds with Edge, Undertaker and Triple H. All the options and you choose a creation of the PG Era?


Well, let's take a look at Orton and Cena before their feud.

Cena already a three time WWE Champion; beat HBK, Lashley, Khali and Edge the year it began; the WWE's biggest star.

Orton already a one time World Champion; began to readopt his Legend Killer gimmick; Orton put RVD and HBK out of commission.

Besides all of that, Orton had something to prove: His first reign only lasted 28 days; h never seemed to overcome adversity and win the World title back.

Frustration eventually led to him punting guys in the skull.

Take that and put it against WWE fans hero and you have a winning combination.


Unlike Cena's past opponents, Orton didn't go away. Despite losing a WWE Title match at Summerslam, Orton took drastic measures: He punted Cena's Dad in the skull for God's sake.

The feud centered around Orton beating Cena at every turn until then—just for Cena to fight valiantly back and retain his championship.

Unlike the others, Orton did something to keeps us interested. Obviously, the angle was going to become stale if it continued down the same path.


The feud went the distance. Though an injury to Cena ended the feud at its peak, Orton and Cena immediately continued his feud after his return—leading to matches at No Way Out, Wrestlemania and Backlash. That's not even the cream of the crop.

After Orton's feuds with Batista/Triple H culminated in him winning the WWE Title, Cena set his sights on Orton's WWE Title. Trading the WWE Title on multiple occasions at Breaking Point, Hell in a Cell and finally Bragging Rights.

Meaning their feud lasted over the course of two years!


It established Orton as a main event star. Like I said before, Orton was lost in the mix on RAW. The WWE dropped the ball on his first title reign.

He had a great feud with Undertaker but it didn't lead him anywhere after it was over. 

He failed in multiple title matches—until he feuded with Cena that is. Though Orton was still the Legend Killer, Orton displayed a more sinister and aggressive gimmick. Cena went down with the pec injury and Orton won the WWE title twice in one night.

Orton went on to hold the title for seven months. Beating he likes of Jeff Hardy, Y2J, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Cena himself. 

Now, Orton's a seven time World Champion and one of the top faces in the WWE. 


They participated in great matches. Though I expected Orton to dominate at Summerslam 2007, both men put on a awesome showing. Their next encounter was more anger fueled because of Orton's actions.

I'm sure their last man standing match would've been a classic.

While I don't favor Summerslam 2009, their I quit match at Breaking Point was refreshing. We were in the PG Era and Orton used multiple weapons on Cena.

Good times.

My personal favorite would be Bragging Rights 2009—the Ironman Match.

The match that was suppose to "end" their feud. What a way to go out.

Finally. Why?

Because it may not be over. Cena and Orton have partaken in multiple matches against each other since the end of their feud. Recently, things have heated up because of Cena's participation in the Nexus. Cena could've cost Orton the WWE Title.

Though it didn't and Cena "lost" his job. 

This feud maybe ignited in the near future. Currently the WWE's top faces—one on one another time? Interesting because both play the face role.

Orton is also nearing Cena's popularity! Honestly, doesn't get any better than that?

If you may have missed Orton vs Cena, be sure to watch the highlight video. It's awesome.