A Friendly College Football Game? Not For These Top Rivalries!

Micah GreenCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

Anyone who believes college football's perfect day is fans of rival teams watching the game against each other's team while sitting peacefully, being timid, and not getting passionate is very sadly mistaken. These are the nastiest rivalries there are. No one holds back anything (unless they are losing).

If you are wise, you will KEEP AWAY from these teams' fans after a loss to a rival! Here are the top nine college football rivalries.


9. Notre Dame vs. USC

ND leads the series, 42-32-5. They play for the Jeweled Shillelagh. I know this used to be a great rivalry back in the olden days, but come on USC has dominated in recent years. Also it seems USC is the only one of the two able to maintain a winning record. It would take a large amount of the luck of the Irish to win this one.


8. Georgia vs. Auburn

Auburn leads the series, 53-50-8. They play in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. In recent years, this one has been back and forth. They have traded two-game winning streaks since 2000. Many people understate this rivalry. I don't understand why. What I can say is I know they get nasty in the deep South.


7. Oklahoma vs. Texas

Texas leads the series, 57-40-5. They play in the Red-River Shootout. Since 2000, the Sooners have dominated the series, with the exception of the Vince Young era. Texas and Colt McCoy look to get bragging rights once again for the Longhorns. It's gonna be crazy in Dallas.


6. Florida State vs. Miami (FL)

Florida State leads the series, 30-22. This rivalry a decade ago would have been much higher, but this one has lost some luster. With neither of the teams a serious national title contender this year, for now it stays at six, but next year this one will be moving on up.


5. Ohio State vs. Michigan

Michigan leads the series, 57-41-6. Ohio St. has won the last four meetings. In 2006, this game decided who would go to the national championship. Now that the Lloyd Carr time is over and the Rich Rodriguez era has begun, can Rodriguez bring new life to Michigan in this rivalry?


4. Florida vs. Florida State

Florida leads the series, 31-19-2. They play for the Governor's Cup. Florida has won five out of the last seven meetings. This game has been played many a time to decide who will go to the big game. The fans in this rivalry are crazy. Still, though, don't expect this one to be at full speed until next year.


3. Georgia vs. Florida

Georgia leads the series, 46-37-2. They play in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Florida has led the series, 15-3, since 1990. After a strong Georgia offense thrashed last year's Gator defense, it will be interesting to see how that changes, if at all. These two teams will most likely be in the top five in the country at the time they play...can't wait for this one!


2. Army vs. Navy

Navy leads the series, 52-49-7. They play for the Commander In Chief's Trophy. Navy has won the last six games and, with a powerful running attack, doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Army hopes it's fortunes will change now that Paul Johnson has left for Georgia Tech.


1. Auburn vs. Alabama

Alabama leads the series, 38-33-1. They play in the Iron Bowl. This game is what will make or break a player's or coach's legacy in either of these schools. Winning this game in the opposing team's stadium is a good feeling for a few moments, but after that you'd better run. They will throw bottles at you and mug you.

This easily tops the craziest rivalries in all of college football. Auburn has won the last six meetings. While Auburn, it seems, is going to have a down year, Alabama knows its limit is the sky. With second-year coach Nick Saban, the Tide should break this bad streak.