Heisman Prediction

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

This years Heisman race looks to be a good one. From T-bow's wheels of fury to  Harrell's cannon for an arm, nobody really can tell right now who will win it. In week one one of the top contenders went down with a foot injury. Im talking, of course about Ohio State RB Chris Wells. Although the RB coach has said that it was only his toe that was hurt. It goes to show that every week can change. So here are the predictions.

Tim Tebow-QB-Florida

Even though Tebow broke his streak of at least one td pass and run against Hawaii still look for him to be back in the hunt for number 2.  Against Hawaii Tim was 9 for 14 with 137 yds and a TD. The real test for Florida will be when the Gators face Georgia at Georgia. Next week against Miami I think Tim will break through for the game that everyone knows he can play.

Chase Daniel-QB-Missouri

Although he was shown up by Illinois QB Juice Williams, Daniel still had a beast game. Completing 26 of 45 passes for 323 yds and 3 TD. Against arguably their hardest opponent of the year to have a game like that shows how much Chase wants it. The next three games should be easy and give Chase a chance to get some serious pass yards and TD's.

Graham Harrell-QB-Texas Tech

536 yds!!! ok so it was against Eastern Washington but still 536 yds. Just like Chase the next three games are relatively easy. Graham is currently leading the NCAA in yds, however it still is only week one and anything can happen.

Also in the hunt are.

Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State
Michael Crabtree-WR-Texas Tech
P.J. Hill-RB-Wisconsin
Pat White-QB-West Virginia
Sam Bradford-QB-Oklahoma
( Should be in the top four)  Jeremy Maclin-WR-Missouri

 The Winner is.................
                                                      GRAHAM HARRELL
2nd place- Tim Tebow
3rd place- Chase Daniel