EPL Gameweek 16: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

Ben RobersonContributor IDecember 7, 2010

EPL Gameweek 16: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

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    OK, so BR was acting up while making this, so please enjoy this front cover front cover...

    And now for something completely different.

EPL Gameweek 16: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

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    With Man United not playing this week due to the freeze, could Arsenal or Chelsea step up to retake top spot? In the end, it was the Gunners who now sit in pole position, albeit due to that game in hand.

    This is, in essence, ranking the teams in form. But I will be adding a bit of a change to it. Of course form is important, but the more recent results in this run outweigh the latter results.

    While it would be easy to just say W-W-D-D-L-L and tab up the points, I am going to account for the time since the result too.

    This shows up as a points coefficient (named to sound cool) which will be out of three. Essentially, based on the form from their past six games, this reflects the number of points per game they would be averaging. This will be put onto every page, also along with a the projected number of points for continuing this run of form. Finally, there is a projected table on the final slide.

    This will be updated every game week Tuesday or, in the case of a midweek game, Friday. Thanks for the positive view count I had from last week. Hopefully I can improve on that this week.


20. Fulham [17th]

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    Last Week: 17th [0.87]

    Last Six Games: D-L-D-L-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.47

    Projected Points: 25

    Next Game: Sunderland (H)

    They held Arsenal for a long time to 1-1, but in the end, it was for nothing. They welcome a high flying Sunderland to Craven Cottage next where they need to find some points from somewhere.

19. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19th]

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    Last Week: 15th [1.00]

    Last Six Games: L-L-L-L-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.60

    Projected Points: 25

    Next Game: Birmingham (H)

    It was another loss for McCarthy's men at Blackburn, and now they play host to League Cup Semi Finalists Birmingham City in a Midlands derby, where any point could prove vital.

18. Everton [15th]

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    Last Week: 18th [0.82]

    Last Six Games: D-D-L-D-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.64

    Projected Points: 31

    Next Game: Wigan (H)

    Any time up until six weeks ago, if you had 15th place holding Chelsea to a draw, then you'd find that a fantastic result. It still is, but given the run Chelsea have been having, they need to use this point as a confidence booster against fellow strugglers Wigan.

17. Aston Villa [16th]

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    Last Week: 16th [0.89]

    Last Six Games: D-W-D-L-L-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.67

    Projected Points: 32

    Next Game: West Brom (H)

    They have now taken only 1 point from 4 games. Granted two of those games were against the current top two in the league, and another against a resurgent Liverpool, but they need to find points somewhere, because, even when they are back to fully fit, they might end up on a struggle to survive this season, and I never wanted to admit that.

16. Newcastle United [12th]

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    Last Week: 12th [1.13]

    Last Six Games: W-L-D-L-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.69

    Projected Points: 34

    Next Game: Liverpool (H)

    Might as well take a good look at Chris Houghton, because this might be the last picture for a while. Anyway, poor performance at West Brom and now no manager (although they expect a new one by the weekend), this now demoralised Newcastle side will have to conjure up something special when Liverpool come to town.

T14. Wigan Athletic [18th]

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    Last Week: 20th [0.69]

    Last Six Games: L-D-W-L-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.82

    Projected Points: 33

    Next Game: Everton (A)

    They grafted a draw out at home against Stoke, now they have to look at beating a struggling Everton if they want to get out of the bottom 3 (which a win would provide).

T14. Chelsea [3rd]

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    Last Week: 14th [1.02]

    Last Six Games: L-W-L-L-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.82

    Projected Points: 48

    Next Game: Tottenham (A)

    Obviously it's not yet crisis time at Chelsea, they are still only 2 points behind top of the table, and as such, are still in the running come May. But these draws and losses are not helping, now only 5 points in 6 games, they face a tough trip to a Spurs team who are on the cusp of overtaking Chelsea should their form continue like this.

13. West Ham United [20th]

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    Last Week: 13th [1.13]

    Last Six Games: D-D-D-L-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.00

    Projected Points: 34

    Next Game: Man City (H)

    They lost to Sunderland on Sunday, and now they face Man City. West Ham need to hold on through this match and then start going for the points here and there.

12. Birmingham City [14th]

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    Last Week: 11th [1.24]

    Last Six Games: D-L-D-W-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.22

    Projected Points: 45

    Next Game: Wolves (A)

    They pulled a draw out against Tottenham at the weekend and now they head not far up the road to Wolverhampton where they hope to pull a win out against their Midland rivals

11. West Bromwich Albion [9th]

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    Last Week: 19th [0.82]

    Last Six Games: L-D-L-L-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.40

    Projected Points: 53

    Next Game: Aston Villa (A)

    Two wins now has seen West Brom 'boing' back into the top half of the table, where they will remain if they can beat local rivals Aston Villa at Vila Park on Saturday. You can't really predict anything in these types of games so it will be interesting to see what happens.

10. Blackpool [13th]

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    Last Week: T8 [1.47]

    Last Six Games: W-D-L-D-W-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.47

    Projected Points: 53

    Next Game: Stoke (A)

    By the process of doing nothing, they remain as they are. Obviously this match will fit in with another match, making their eventual rearrangement a double feature... but until then they have to cope at the Britannia against Stoke.

T8. Liverpool [8th]

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    Last Week: 7th [1.49]

    Last Six Games: W-D-L-W-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.67

    Projected Points: 59

    Next Game: Newcastle (A)

    Liverpool beat Villa yesterday, and now face another side in crisis, Newcastle, they need to look to take advantage of their personnel change at the top.

T8. Bolton Wanderers

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    Last Week: 4th [1.91]

    Last Six Games: W-D-W-W-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.67

    Projected Points: 60

    Next Game: Blackburn (H)

    A loss to Man City isn't too horrible, and it wasn't a blowout either. Blackburn have been on a nice run barring their trip to Manchester and as such, this local derby could be hotter than usual.

7 Sunderland [7th]

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    Last Week: 10th [1.29]

    Last Six Games: W-D-W-D-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.78

    Projected Points: 62

    Next Game: Fulham (A)

    Sunderland bounced back at the weekend against West Ham and as such, should be looking to keep this good run going as they face a struggling Fulham.

6. Stoke City [10th]

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    Last Week: 5th [1.82]

    Last Six Games: L-W-W-W-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.82

    Projected Points: 61

    Next Game: Blackpool (H)

    After an explosive first half, the second half petered away, with both teams taking their spoils last Saturday. Stoke need to then go from Wigan to hosting Blackpool as they keep this run alive.

5. Blackburn Rovers [11th]

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    Last Week: T8 [1.47]

    Last Six Games: W-W-L-W-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.93

    Projected Points: 64

    Next Game: Bolton (A)

    Let's just ignore the Man United game I think, Blackburn getting back into the groove right away with a 3-0 win against Wolves. They now go into Bolton and look to beat their equally in-form local rivals.

4. Tottenham Hotspurs [5th]

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    Last Week: 3rd [1.96]

    Last Six Games: L-D-W-W-W-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.96

    Projected Points: 69

    Next Game: Chelsea (H)

    Well this is a good time for any team to be playing Chelsea, and even more so if you're Tottenham, who will go into this 6 points better off over the last 6 games. A late-ish goal in a tough draw against Birmingham you'd think would not affect them, but this is football after all.

3. Manchester City [4th]

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    Last Week: 6th [1.56]

    Last Six Games: W-D-D-W-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.02

    Projected Points: 73

    Next Game: West Ham (A)

    Man City managed to hold on with 10 men at the weekend, and now they go to bottom of the table West Ham hoping to beat the 'bottom tabler's.'

2. Arsenal [1st]

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    Last Week: 2nd [2.00]

    Last Six Games: L-W-W-L-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.13

    Projected Points: 79

    Next Game: Man United (A)

    Two goals from in-form player Samir Nasri has sent the Gunners to the top of the table. However, their nearest rival, Manchester United, are only one point behind, so this is a must win game for them.

1. Manchester United [2nd]

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    Last Week: 1st [2.33]

    Last Six Games: W-W-D-D-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.33

    Projected Points: 85

    Next Game: Arsenal (H)

    A 'bye week' as it were, Man United now have a game in hand over Arsenal, however, that game in hand could have to be spent keeping up with Arsenal rather than extending their lead if Arsenal beat them, so they can't afford to lose this one.

Projected Table

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    So. I think going straight into this one is the only option, as we see how things end up, and indeed, how far Chelsea have fallen yet again:


    1. Manchester United [2] - 85 =

    2. Arsenal [1] - 79 =

    3. Manchester City [4] - 73 +3

    4. Tottenham Hotspurs [5] - 69 -1

    5. Blackburn Rovers [11] - 64 +5

    6. Sunderland [7] - 62 +5

    7. Stoke City [10] - 61 -2

    8. Bolton Wanderers [6] - 60 -4

    9. Liverpool [8] - 59 -2

    10. West Bromwich Albion [9] - 53 +5

    11. Blackpool [13] - 53 -3

    12. Chelsea [3] - 48 -3

    13. Birmingham City [14] - 45 -1

    14. Newcastle United [12] - 34 -2

    15. West Ham United [20] - 34 -1

    16. Wigan Athletic [18] - 33 +4

    17. Aston Villa [16] - 32 -1

    18. Everton [15] - 31 +1

    19. Fulham [17] - 25 -1

    20. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19] - 25 -3


    From next week, I'll have enough positions to replace the Premier League Trophy occupying the top of this page with a nice messy graph of these positions. So there's something to look forward to!

    Also, I might add in a non-time adjusted points coefficient, just for comparison, not sure on that one so keep your eyes peeled!