Creature vs. Creature: WWE's All-Time Greatest Rivalry, Undertaker vs. Kane

Nick BolyardContributor IIIDecember 7, 2010

In 1997, the Undertaker's younger brother Kane was introduced to the World Wrestling Federation.  No one could fathom that these two 6'10" monsters would begin one of the longest and greatest rivalries that the world of professional wrestling has ever witnessed.  

From his first appearance, ripping the cell door of the Hell in a Cell to his most recent burial of the Phenom, Kane has been a thorn in the side of the Undertaker, who's shadow he wished to get out from under for so long.

The storyline kicked off when the Undertaker's father and former manager revealed that his brother Kane was coming.  Long believed dead, the Undertaker would be forced to reveal one of his darkest secrets to his creatures of the night.  The secret being that as a child, he started a fire that killed his parents and his brother he thought.

Paul Bearer kept warning Undertaker and the fans of the pending arrival of Kane.  No one knew what to expect, whether it be Kane's appearance or his personality.

After weeks of hyping his arrival, Kane arrived at WWF In Your House: Badd Blood 1997.  Undertaker was in the midst of a fierce battle with the legendary Shawn Michaels in the first ever Hell in a Cell match.  

A bloody and battered Michaels lay in a pool of his own blood, with Undertaker ready to finish him off, when the lights went out.  All of a sudden a fiery explosion and eerie red light came over the arena.  It was Kane!  Kane would rip the door off the cell and tombstone undertaker to cost him the match and to kick off the greatest rivalry of all time.

Kane would show his physical dominance over the course of the next few months.  Despite challenging Undertaker, the Phenom refused to fight his own flesh and blood.  No matter what Kane and Paul Bearer did to torture Undertaker, including bringing the bodies of his parents onto stage and burning them.  Undertaker would not fight Kane...until WrestleMania. 

After tombstoning Pete Rose, Kane would do battle with his older brother.  It would take three tombstones to finally put the Big Red Machine away, but Undertaker's streak would live on.  After several rematches, including the first Inferno Match, the brothers would finally join forces to help Vince McMahon against WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.  

Austin would be the guy to drive a wedge between the two again as they feuded for the championship.  After the title was vacated, and eventually won by the Rock at Survivor Series 1998, the first chapter of the feud would come to an end.  At Rock Bottom: In Your House, Kane would cost the Undertaker his match against Austin.  In the buried alive match, Kane would interfere and tombstone the Deadman into the grave, allowing Austin to bury him.

The two feuded for a bit in the summer of 2000, but the two would not have a major feud again until 2003-2004 when Kane would once again cost Undertaker a Buried Alive match, this time with Vince McMahon.  Undertaker would not return until WrestleMania XX as a surprise for Kane.  With the return of his deadman persona, Taker would defeat the unmasked Kane once again.  

Not until 2010, would the two feud one more time.  Kane was revealed to be the one behind the Undertaker's Memorial Day attack.  At Night of Champions the two battled it out for Kane's World Heavyweight Championship.  Kane would prove to be too much for Undertaker.  At Hell in a Cell, the two battled in the Cell, causing Paul Bearer to betray Undertaker and take the side of Kane.  Finally, Kane buried Undertaker again at Bragging Rights, ending the feud...for now.

This sibling rivalry has lead to several matches and moments that will live on the memories of WWF/E fans forever.  Why do I consider this to be the greatest rivalry of all time?  Simple.  This feud has been on and off for the past 13 years!  

When it turns into a major feud, it becomes the focal point of WWE, when it is a mini-feud it often intrigues the viewer more than whatever the main storyline is.  It almost seems like these two brothers of destruction will never fully be allies, but always bitter enemies always trying to prove ones dominance over the other.