Somebody Call a Medic! Cubs Choking Again

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2008

Oh, Cubbies. You never cease to amaze me.

Just when some people actually thought it was the Cubs' season to win a World Series and break their drought of 100 years, the club has faltered as of late, and I personally think they have almost no shot at winning a championship.

In addition to the fact that they are the Cubs, here are a few reasons why I strongly doubt the Cubs will win a title this year, and continue being the laughingstock of...well...the entire sports world.

5. The last two weeks

The Cubs are a pedestrian 8-6 in the last two weeks. Yes, they have the NL Central locked up, but here's the kicker. The Cubs have a seven-game winning streak during that time. Take away that stretch against relatively bad opponents, and the Cubs are a mere 1-6.

Now, I'm actually not trying to say that the Cubs are this caliber of a team, but baseball is a game of streaks. Look at the Rockies last year, and the Cardinals the year before. It's rarely the best team that makes it to the end, but the hottest.

4. Big Z is not an ace

I hate to break it to the Cubs, but Carlos Zambrano has still not grown up and turned the corner. He has a quite average ERA of 3.56 this season, and only one win in all of August. In addition, he is suffering from "arm fatigue", so his health is in question going into the stretch run.

3. Questionable Arms

To add onto the Zambrano case, I'd like to point out that numerous other arms in the Cubs pitching staff still have huge questions:

A) Rich Harden was recently held out of a start for "precautionary" reasons.

B) Ryan Dempster has thrown over 176 innings this year. That's more then he threw the last two seasons combined, so he seems destined to tire.

C) Kerry Wood. Enough said. Yes he's been good but would you trust him to stay that way though the most strenuous and pressure filled time of the year?

2. Brad Lidge

When the NL lost the All-Star game, there was one bright spot in my eyes. The World Series will not be hosted by Wrigley Field this year. Brad Lidge didn't just cost the National League home field advantage; he also may have cost the Cubs a chance to break their curse.

As good as the Cubs have been this year, and they have been the National League's best, they haven't been very good on the road. At 34-31, do you really think the Cubs can steal one at Fenway or at another AL park? I don't.

1. The Curse

Come on guys. This one isn't even a jab at the Cubs, because Cubs fans have bought into this as much as anybody else. We've all been waiting for the Cubbies to fold, and we're ALL wondering if this is when they'll do it. Until it's done, I won't believe they've won it all.

So let's have it Cubs fans. I really want to hear what Chi-town fans are thinking, especially about the points that I've made in this article.