Raider Nation – Introducing the The Silver and Black Attack. Part1 The Defense

David VillaContributor IDecember 6, 2010

Raider Nation – Introducing the The Silver and Black Attack. Part1 The Defense

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    These guys need Raider namesEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    The Raider Nation loves to nickname their players. With this year’s development, our team finally looks like it’s living up to our historic reputation. It’s time for us to recognize these players in traditional Raider fashion. That being said, what are the names of our defense?

    I have names for some of these guys. Are they the right nicknames?

    What are the nicknames of those I haven’t heard or come up with?

    Raider Nation it’s time to decide. Turn the page and find out.

The D-Line

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    Allow us to introduce ourselvesJustin Edmonds/Getty Images

    The Silver and Black Attack starts with the Four Horsemen rotating through the middle. Lead by “King Richard” Seymour, the middle of the line is anchored with “Little John” Henderson, Tommy Kelly and Desmond Bryant. The cavalry out flanks the offensive line and side swipes running backs and quarter backs with impunity. These men are Matt “S-Nasty” Shaughnessy, Trevor “Great Scott” and Lamarr Houston.

The Linebackers

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    Welcome to Murderers' RowJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Calling the adjustments and enforcing the middle is Rolando “Death Ro” McClain. The outside is held by the blitz happy, Kamerion Wimbley, and “San Quentin” Groves. Our nickel Linebacker is Thomas Howard. These men fill the running lanes, add pressure to the pass rush and punish receivers in the short game. Murderers’ Row is comprised of this line backing corps.

The Safeties

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    You're not getting through usHarry How/Getty Images

    These four guys interchange assignments throughout the game. Teams never know who is covering the tight end, running back or full back from down to down.Whether it’s blitzing the quarterback or covering the deep threat, The Raider Nation relies on Michael “Huff and Stuff" and Stevie Brown.  Once teams think they’ve cleared Murderers’ Row and can catch the ball deeper over the middle, they run smack into Tyvon “Ugly Branch” or Mike “The Missile” Mitchell. Perhaps it’s better to try the outside.

The Corner Backs

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    I'll take that, thank youEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    Did I mention that half the field is under the gravitational force of Nnamdi “Planet Asomugha”? Maybe opponents should try the other side and throw against the hands of Stanford “Jump the Routt” or Chris “Pick Pocket” Johnson. Bringing in more receivers forces play against Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware.

Special Teams

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    Touchdown RRRAAAAIIIDDDERRSSS!!!Donald Miralle/Getty Images

    Sebastian “Seabass” Janikowski and Shane ”the Boot” Lechler kick the ball into the stratosphere for 50+ yards, allowing Hiram Eugene, Sam Williams, Rock Cartwright and Ricky Brown to stuff returners for little to no gain. Long Snapper, Jon Condo gets the ball to the Boot on field goals, extra points and punts. He protects the kickers and drives down field on coverage. Kick returns cause pulled neck muscles in coverage teams and fans alike as Jacoby “Whiplash” Ford whizzes by so fast, heads snap right to left. Punt returns are being split between “Johnnie be Good” Higgins and “Quick Nick” Miller.


    Let me hear it Raider Nation. What names do you have for these guys?