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RiZESenior Writer IDecember 6, 2010

Welcome Creatures of the Night. Because of the quantity of news going around at the moment, who better to bring it to you? Last night, a lot of controversy surrounded the TNA Locker room. I recommend that you read on to learn the latest from Jeff Hardy.

Randy Orton & RAW

Since losing the WWE Championship, The Viper has been absent from WWE Programming.  There were multiple stories of suspected or forthcoming injury floated around the IWC. Some of the reports suggested Orton was legitimately injured by the kick to the leg by Husky Harris. Stories of a nagging neck injury later surfaced. Have no fear. Orton's here.

The former WWE Champion confirmed on he would be on RAW tonight. Over the weekend Orton tweeted that he had something "special" for The Miz. Interesting situation. I'm almost positive that Creative plans to set up an upcoming match for TLC.

Maybe Orton just punts Miz in the skull? Wishful thinking.

Tyler Black's Debut?

The competitors for NXT Season four were announced last Tuesday. Two names surprisingly missing from the list are Seth Rollins/Tyler Black and Mason Ryan. While I have no clue about Ryan's situation, Black was set to compete on the show. His Mentor would've been Michael Cole. Plans were scrapped the night of the taping and Tyler was said to be unhappy about this.

Well Black confirmed his presence at RAW's taping tonight. The former ROH Champion tweeted "things are about to get interesting." Maybe he debuts tonight on RAW? I've certainly been waiting on Black's entry on the main roster.

I'm surprised that he spent this much time is developmental.

Sheamus Celebration?

2010 King of the Ring Sheamus was interviewed this morning by Louisville's Fox Channel. The Celtic Warrior hyped RAW tonight. History has taught us that most KOTR Winners tend to have a celebration the next week. I doubt that Sheamus program with Morrison will continue so where does that leave the Irishman?

Last week we anticipated the return of Triple H. The King of the Ring vs The King of Kings? Yeah, it's going to happen sooner or later. I'm positive it played a major role in Sheamus winning the KOTR. While I'm not saying he may return, Triple H was in charge on RAW last week.

Vince was absent and The Game ran the show. An on-screen return is definitely drawing closer.

Hurricane Helms & HBK

Yes, I noticed the article on this situation. Helms may have gone overboard with his comments about good ole HBK, stating Shawn was a MAJOR drug addict. Helms accused HBK of snorting and using steroids. He also called HBK's religious gimmick a "work."

Helms continued to call HBK a hypocrite while acknowledging him as a great performer. This is really disappointing. While I'm not calling Helms a liar nor am I siding with his claims, some things you just don't do—this case is one of them.

So disrespectful.

Hogan's absence

TNA fans don't expect to see the Hulkster on any tapings for the next month. Hulk's being held off of television for the Dixie Carter angle on Thanksgiving. Since Hogan "illegally" took her company, Dixie filed an injunction against Hogan that relieved him of his duties.

Jeff Hardy UPDATE

We've all read the slew of stories featuring TNA Champ Jeff Hardy. Reports say Hardy was in no condition to defend his title against Matt Morgan last night. The first report didn't give an exact reason for Hardy's condition. Multiple stories of Hardy complaining about exhaustion from his work schedule while others insisted it was drug related.

Thanks to WZROnline, I have a small update on Hardy. Two different sources informed them that Hardy arrived at the PPV last night "hammered." Initial plans called for Hardy to be announced as injured before the PPV. Numerous replacement matches were considered.

Somehow, TNA Officials changed their minds and Hardy worked the main event. Hardy also has a court date coming up on Wednesday. I apologize for any false hope I gave last night. Hardy worked the main event like nothing ever happened.

Simply amazing.

On a side note. I would like to thank all of the Creatures that viewed my articles. The multiple likes and article reads from you guys paid off. I have officially upgraded to Analyst! Thanks a bunch for the help guys! You haven't seen nothing yet!! 

Well that's all for Today folks.. Be sure to tune into RAW tonight. I'm expecting some big things.

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