Pro Wrestling's Impact Around The World Of Entertainment

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Pro Wrestling's Impact Around the World of Entertainment

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    Wrestling has always been an art lost in the world of entertainment, my goal is to look at the impact Wrestling has had in the media.

    The following slide show will take a look into how the world of Professional Wrestling is used in various media formats such as films, adverts, commercials, TV shows, music, etc. 

    The videos are pretty self explanatory so I wont write long descriptions. 

    WWE appearing in reality TV show Fear Factor, where several wrestlers perform several death-defying stunts. 

That 70's Show

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    Wrestlers portraying wrestlers from the 70's. The Rock emulates his father whilst he takes on two other guys portrayed by Hardy and Shamrock. 

WWE Comics

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    WWE Comic Books. 

Family Guy (Dwayne The Rock Johnson)

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    Family Guy is one of the most successful cartoons to date. In this clip we see former WWE star The Rock simulate sex between Peter and Lois, two of the main characters of the show, using action figures. It is good to see the Rock using his time wisely instead of appearing in the WWE.

Family Guy (Macho Man Randy Savage)

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    Here is another clip, which showcases Peter going to a wrestling event where Randy Savage is taunting the crowds of Rhode Island. 

Hogan Know's Best (Hulk Hogan)

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    Hulk Hogan or the face of wrestling has taken Wrestling to new heights by being the first wrestler to do a reality TV-Show, the show gained huge amounts of success during his tenure, as we got a glimpse into the immortal one life. 

The Simpsons (Bret Hart)

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    The Simpsons have always showcased great special guest stars on their shows, from Michael Jackson, The King of Pop to Bret Hart, the King of The Ring. 

    In this clip we see Bret Hart purchasing Mr. Burns' Mansion. 

South Park (W.T.F.)

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    This show was dedicated to the World of Pro Wrestling.

    While the story is somewhat demeaning to wrestling as a whole, I feel that by South Park doing a wrestling-based show it has really proven that WWE is a global phenomenon. 

Pall Wall (Intercontinental Championship)

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Baywatch (HBK, Diesel)

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    During HBK's run in the mid 90's his success at the top rocketed him to he top of the mountain.

    He became so popular that he got a role in one of TV's biggest weekly shows, Baywatch, where he starred alongside Hollywood babe Pamela Anderson.

    This of course allowed Anderson to come into the Wrestling scene. She appeared in the 1995 Royal Rumble, and also went on to manage Diesel during Wrestlemania. 

Timbaland (Divas)

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    In this video, we see some of the hottest Divas appearing with Hip Hop star Timbaland. 

Nick Cannon Featuring B2K Freakin (Ted DiBiase)

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Redman & Method Man: Part 2 (Bob Backlund)

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Heroes (Rey Mysterio)

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    Heroes and Wrestling  

Rollerball (Jim Ross, Jerry The King Lawler, Paul Heyman, Shane O' Mac)

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    In this Hollywood flop, we see several wrestling personalities take charge in the latest craze Rollerball. Paul Heyman does a really great job in this movie. 

Saturday Night Live (The Rock, HHH, Mick Foley, Big Show)

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    When the Rock and Co. appeared on Saturday Night Live, it turned out to be one of the most successfully rated shows in its entirety.

    It also skyrocketed the Rock's status as a global star, it was at this moment that Hollywood had bright Dollar signs coming out of their eyes. 

Weakest Link (WWE Special)

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    This is the second show in which WWE took part in the game show "The Weakest Link," we got to see how smart the WWE Superstars really are.

    To our surprise the Big Red Machine, Kane became victorious as he won the show, beating Bubba Ray Dudley in the Finals.

Man On The Moon (Jerry Lawler)

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    This movie portrays the life of former entertainer/wrestler Andy Kaufman.

    Jim Carrey plays the beloved icon in this hit movie Man On The Moon. The movie shows a scene where Carrey wrestles Jerry The King Lawler in a match, portraying a Kayfabe feud that took part in real life between the two wrestlers. 

WWE Studios

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    The WWE realized how their superstars were becoming global sensations, so they decided to make WWE Films, involving some of the best wrestlers/actors in the business. 

    Kane: See No Evil

    Cena: The Marine, 12 Rounds

    Big Show: Knucklehead

    The Rock: Scorpion King

    Austin: Condemned 

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: Marine 2

    Wrestlers have also appeared in several other movies not involving WWE Studios, as movies see them as great action assets. 

    The Rock: Tooth Fairy, Race to Witch Mountain, Faster, Welcome To The Jungle, Be Cool, etc.

    Austin: Damage, Longest Yard

    Great Khali: Longest Yard, Be Cool

    Kane: Smallville, McGruber

    HHH: Blade Trinity

    Hulk Hogan: Rocky

    Randy Savage: Spiderman

    Jesse Ventura: Predator

    Nathan Jones: Thai Warrior, Troy


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    Several top wrestlers have appeared on MTV hit show Punk'd. This clip shows HHH getting Punk'd. 

That 70's Show (Matt Hardy, The Rock. Shamrock)

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    A Clip showing several WWE Superstars portray wrestlers from the 70's on That 70's Show. 

The Wrestler

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    A Movie depicting the real life of a wrestler and the life they endure as their body takes its final toll. This Movie won several major honours, including Best Actor in a lead role. 

    This movie really paid homage to the life of a wrestler, while they all maybe living the fast life as global superstars, when watching this movie you will see that most of them had it pretty rough and had to pay a lot of dues to get where they are today.

Hogan Cartoon

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    This Cartoon proved how big wrestling was during the Golden Era. It showed Hulk Hogan the Face joining up with several other wrestlers whilst they take on Andre The Giant and Co. 

WWE Deal Or No Deal

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    WWE again appearing on another game Show, this time they take to Deal Or No Deal.