Hypocrisy: Former WWE Star Gregory Helms Calls Shawn Michaels' Religion "A Work"

Terri BeyCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

If I have heard this expression once, I have heard it a thousand times: the three things that someone should NEVER bring up in public or polite conversation are sex, politics, and religion. There is a lot of truth to it because those three subjects are very personal to people and apt to cause a lot of debate.

Evidently, Gregory Shane Helms has never heard this expression, or if he has, he has chosen to ignore it given his recent attack on former WWE Superstar and wrestling legend Shawn Michaels.

On his latest episode of "Highway to Helms", Helms' co-host Marty Gardener asked him who his least favorite wrestler was, to which Helms responded Michaels. Helms went on to praise Michaels as a great worker, praising matches with the Undertaker in particular. 

Helms then said that  Michaels "let me down as a person," and called Michaels a "cockeyed, cross eyed piece of ****."Helms also mentioned how he got upset with Michaels when he witnessed Michaels and Jericho having some sort of argument in catering, while also mentioning that he wanted to punch out Michaels and didn't care about the consequences.

While I feel Helms is entitled to his own opinion of Michaels, where I lost respect for Helms was Helms' attack on Michaels' religious beliefs. He called Shawn Michaels "the biggest hypocrite in the business" and "his whole religious gimmick is a f***ing work." While I do not pretend to know what goes on in the back in WWE, as a Christian, I can comment on this matter.

How does Gregory Helms KNOW what is going on in Shawn's heart? Does Helms know what relationship Michaels has with God? While it is definitely true that actions speak louder than words, but I kind of wonder why people like Helms have questioned Shawn's conversion to Christianity?

We all know Shawn had a lot of problems way back when. He took a sabbatical and has turned over his life to Christ. I think that should be commended.

Being accused of "hypocrisy" is a common thing that Christians face. You are still human. You are still going to make mistakes. Just because you are a Christian does not mean you are not going to mess up in your life. That is why you depend on God to ask for another chance, and another, etc.

Perhaps Shawn and Helms were not the best of buddies. I have no idea. I am not backstage. What I am trying to say is that Helms is playing a very dangerous game here. Helms is entitled to his opinions of Shawn as a person, if that is how he feels. However, he is going down a slippery slope when he attacks another human being's RELIGION and calls it a "work."

There was no reason to go there, Gregory.  As your character would have said, "What's up with that?"