2010-2011 Bowl Mania: Why the BCS Needs Only Minor Changes

Justin MorganCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2010

CORVALLIS, OR - DECEMBER 4: LaMichael James #21 of the Oregon Ducks heads to the end zone and a touchdown in the second quarter of the game against te the Oregon State Beavers at Reser Stadium on December 4, 2010 in Corvallis, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The bowl schedule is out and the complaints about the BCS are undoubtedly going to heat up. This team got screwed, that team doesn't belong, college football needs a playoff, are things that will flood the media for the next 5 weeks.

It is fair to say that an overwhelming number of fans, coaches, and players would like to see a playoff system implemented in college football. I have read/heard the arguments and came to the conclusion that a playoff is not the way to go.

College football's regular season is the best in all of sports, as wins and losses mean more then they do in any other sport. A playoff would only lessen the significance of each game.

Many of you don't believe this to be true, but it is. Teams could lose 2, and probably 3 games in some years, and still have a shot at the championship.

Weekly rankings will also lose their importance, because what does it matter where you are? If you are in the top 12 or 16, you've got a shot at the end of the season.

While I agree that a playoff would bring more drama and excitement to the college football postseason, most of you would still complain about it somehow. Whether it is the wrong format, the first team left out each year is getting the shaft, or any other ridiculous gripe.

For example, let's pretend they had a 12 team playoff this year and Missouri caught fire and won it. Would any of you really believe Missouri to be the best team in the nation? No, no you wouldn't!

The goal of the BCS, or any other sport for that matter is to award the best team with a championship, isn't it? 

So wouldn't, using the example, awarding Missouri with the crystal football, be going against that goal?

Many of you have completed slideshows on this site predicting the outcome of a potential playoff using the current rankings. And while your predictions may have been skewed to try and prove a point, most of the championship games included the top two teams.

Do you guys realize this is conflicting with your argument for a playoff? If you have the top two teams playing for the trophy you are basically saying the system is fine.

While I do not oppose the BCS system for how it decides the National Champion, I do have an issue with AQ conferences and the other BCS bowls. However, I do not feel this is a reason to go to a playoff system. Remember the goal is to declare the National Champion, not making sure the right teams get a BCS bowl bid.

Do you think about what will end up happening if college football were to go to a playoff? In 10 years teams would be fighting to expand the size of the pool. Why don't we just drop the regular season and have one big playoff?

That being said there are some changes that could be made. First, and most the most obvious crime is UConn in the Fiesta Bowl. Most, if not all of you would agree this is a travesty.

What there needs to be is an asterisk next to the "AQ". I believe BCS conferences should be rewarded, but there needs to be a limit.

A stipulation needs to be put into effect that a conferences looses it's bid if their champion does not achieve a certain BCS ranking or has more then (insert number) losses.

I believe for most people the issue is more of the other four BCS bowls rather then the National Championship game, which is the most important. So how does this not solve your issue? UConn out, Michigan State in, problem solved.

Looking past the BCS bowls and system, every year I find it interesting how the rest of the bowls are matched up. Today when looking at the schedule I was amazed that both Michigan (my team) and Penn St. will be playing in better bowl games then Iowa.

Yes, they all have the same record at 7-5, but Iowa beat them both and has a better conference record. Also, most would agree Iowa is the best of the three.

I also found it funny how far Boise St. "dropped" in the eyes of the bowl exec's. Is the Las Vegas Bowl really the best they could get? There are teams with FIVE losses that are playing in better bowl games!

No Respect!

Nebraska is another team that has a right to cry "foul". They were a win away from a BCS game, now they are playing a 6-6 Washington team in the Holiday Bowl. Look for the Cornhuskers to take it out on them!  

Last but not least, is TCU sitting on the couch watching the National Championship game with what could be an unblemished record. Is this fair? In my eyes, yes! Auburn and Oregon are simply better teams.

Putting SOS aside, conference games are more competitive in BCS conferences then non-AQ conferences because more is on the line for both teams. This is why upsets occur far more often. So Oregon and Auburn going undefeated into bowl season is far more impressive.

My challenge to everyone this season is to not bash the BCS, but to simply sit back and enjoy the games. Also remember that this year, no matter the outcome, the true National Champion will be crowned with